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Small-molecule modulators of the cold menthol receptor TRPM In a specific aspect, the invention relates to a composition comprising at least one selected such modulators to achieve a cooling effect on the skin or mucosa, the cooling effect compared to the known cooling agent menthanecarboxylic acid-N- ethylamide WS3 is longer lasting. Further, the Baby Würmer Temperatur aspect of the invention means, which include those selected TRPM8- receptor modulators, wherein said means for specific purposes are concerned.

In addition, the special aspect of the invention relates to a method to achieve a physiological effect on the skin or mucosa, wherein the last-mentioned means are used. Hintergrund der Erfindung Background of the Invention. A TRP Channel that senses cold Stimuli and menthol. Identification of a cold receptor reveals a general role for TRP Channels in thermosensation Nature Mar 7; A TRP channel did senses cold stimuli and menthol.

A cool ion channel Nature Mar 7; Cooling compounds, such as menthol, have long been playing an important role in the flavor and fragrance industry, to create an association with freshness and cleanliness. For the compound menthol has been shown that it acts as a natural modulator of the receptor TRPM8 McKemy DD, Molecular Pain 1,16; McKemy Baby Würmer Temperatur, Nature; Peier AM, Cell; Dhaka A.

The electrical signal produced thereby is finally perceived as feeling cold. Excessive menthol concentrations cause irritation and an anesthetic effect. In addition, several publications are Baby Würmer Temperatur derivatives described having similar effects British Patent Watson HR, J.

Soc Cosmet Chem 29,; Furrer SM, Chem Percept 1, 1 Es gibt auch vereinzelte, strukturell mit Menthol nicht verwandte Verbindungen, die eine signifikante TRPM8-Modulation bewirken, wie z.

Icilin Wei ET, J. There are also isolated, structurally related to menthol unrelated compounds that cause a significant TRPM8 modulation, such as Icilin Wei ET, J. Pharm Pharmacol 35,1 12; Weitere Wirkungen von Substanzen, die den TRPM8-Rezeptor bzw. Cell Calcium, 41, ; Levine JD Biochim. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. Cell calcium, 41,Baby Würmer Temperatur. Levine JD Biochim Biophys Acta. Physiol Renal Physiol Renal Physiol Am J Physiol June Dies sind im einzelnen die folgenden, konkret offenbarten Verbindungen: Specifically, these are Baby Würmer Temperatur following, specifically disclosed compounds: Diese Verbindungen sind an sich bekannt Baby Würmer Temperatur zwar: These compounds are known per se, namely: Verbindung 1 unter CAS Nummer: Verbindung 2 unter CAS Nummer: Verbindung 3 unter CAS Nummer: Verbindung 4 unter CAS Nummer: Verbindung 5 unter CAS Nummer: Compound 5 under CAS number: Konkret offenbart sind jedoch keine derartigen Salze.

Keto groups may be replaced by corresponding Thionylgruppen. Konkret offenbart sind jedoch keine derartigen Abwandlungen. Kurzfassung der Haupterfindunq allgemeiner Teil Summary of Haupterfindunq general Baby Würmer Temperatur. Object of the present invention was therefore to identify new substances which lead to a modulation of TRPM8 receptor, which can be used as alternatives to the previously Baby Würmer Temperatur modulators. Figure description general part: Malyshev über von Würmern 1 zeigt a die mRNA-Sequenz SEQ ID NO: Figure Baby Würmer Temperatur a shows the mRNA sequence SEQ ID NO: Detaillierte Beschreibung der Erfindung: Detailed description of the invention: TRPP8, LTRPC6, CMR1MGC, transient receptor potential cation Channel subfamily M member 8.

Im Sinne der vorliegenden Erfindung sind alle Bezeichnungen mit umfasst. In the literature there are various synonyms Baby Würmer Temperatur "TRPM8": TRPP8, LTRPC6, CMR1, MGC, transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily Baby Würmer Temperatur member 8.

For the purposes of the present invention, all terms are encompassed with are also covers all func- tional modifications. Suitable modulators can Würmer-jährigen Kindes only as an antagonist or agonist, in particular only act as an agonist, or Baby Würmer Temperatur as an antagonist and an agonist.

It may, in particular an agonistic or antagonistic effect, depending on the respective selected modulator concentration adjust. An "antagonist", however, is a compound which can counteract this activation of the TRPM8 receptor. The mediators of the invention may exert their effect in that they bind to a TRPM8 receptor molecule reversible or irreversible, specific or non-specific.

Die Derivatisierung kann dabei vor der Kopplung Baby Würmer Temperatur eine feste Phase oder erst durch sich selbst die die Katze aus Würmer Kopplung erfolgen. The derivatization can bei Erschöpfung Würmern carried out on Baby Würmer Temperatur solid phase or only by the coupling prior to coupling.

An "induction of feeling Baby Würmer Temperatur is when the connection in the above-described cellular activity test Baby Würmer Temperatur an agonistic effect on hTRPM8. Compositions of the invention contain, besides the customary for Baby Würmer Temperatur respective agent ingredients an effective amount of at least one modulator according to the invention.

Werden keine anderslautenden Angaben gemacht, so gelten im Baby Würmer Temperatur der vorliegenden Erfindung die folgenden allgemeinen Bedeutungen: F, Cl, Br oder J If no otherwise stated otherwise, apply in the context of the present invention, the following general meanings: F, Cl, Br or J.

Alkyl sowie alle Alkylteile in davon abgeleiteten Resten, wie z,B. Alkyl and all Baby Würmer Temperatur moieties in radicals derived therefrom, such, B. Alkoxy, Alkylthio, Alkoxyalkyl, Alkoxyalkoxy, Alkylamino und Dialkylamino: Alkoxy, alkylthio, alkoxyalkyl, alkoxyalkoxy, alkylamino and dialkylamino: C 1 -C 6 -Alkyl wie Methyl, Ethyl, Propyl, 1-Methylethyl, Butyl, 1-Methyl-propyl, 2- Methylpropyl, 11-Dimethylethyl, Pentyl, 1-Methylbutyl, 2-Methylbutyl, 3-Methylbutyl, 2,2-Di- methylpropyl, 1-Ethylpropyl, Hexyl, 11-Dimethylpropyl, 1 ,2-Dimethylpropyl, 1-Methylpentyl, 2- Methylpentyl, 3-Methylpentyl, 4-Methylpentyl, 11-Dimethylbutyl, 1 ,2-Dimethylbutyl, 1 ,3- Dimethylbutyl, 2,2-Dimethylbutyl, 2,3-Dimethylbutyl, 3,3-Dimethylbutyl, 1-Ethylbutyl, 2- Ethylbutyl, 11 ,2-Trimethylpropyl, 1 ,2,2-Trimethylpropyl, 1-Ethylmethylpropyl und 1-Ethyl methylpropyl.

C 1 -C 6 Baby Würmer Temperatur such as methyl, ethyl, propyl, 1-methylethyl, butyl, 1-methyl-propyl, 2- methylpropyl, 1, Baby Würmer Temperatur, pentyl, 1-methylbutyl, 2-methylbutyl, 3-methylbutyl, 2,2-di- methylpropyl, 1-ethylpropyl, hexyl, 1, 1-dimethylpropyl, 1, 2-dimethylpropyl, 1-methylpentyl, 2- methylpentyl, 3-methylpentyl, 4-methylpentyl, 1, 1-dimethylbutyl, 1, 2-dimethylbutyl, 1, 3- dimethylbutyl, 2,2-dimethylbutyl, 2,3-dimethylbutyl, 3,3-dimethylbutyl, 1-ethylbutyl, 2- ethylbutyl, 1, 1, 2-trimethylpropyl, 1, 2,2- trimethylpropyl, 1-ethylmethylpropyl and 1-ethylmethylpropyl.

C 1 -C 6 -Alkoxy,umfassend dC 4 -Alkoxy, wie zB Methoxy, Ethoxy, n-Propoxy, 1- Methylethoxy, Butoxy, 1-Methylpropoxy, 2-Methylpropoxy oder 11-Dimethylethoxy; Baby Würmer Temperatur 1 -C 6 alkoxy, comprising -C 4 -alkoxy, such as methoxy, ethoxy, n-propoxy, 1-methylethoxy, butoxy, 1-methylpropoxy, 2-methylpropoxy or 1, 1-dimethylethoxy.

Pentoxy, 1-Methylbutoxy, 2-Methylbutoxy, 3-Methylbutoxy, Baby Würmer Temperatur1-Dimethylpropoxy, and z. C 2 -C 6 -Alkenyl wie Ethenyl, 1- Propenyl, 2-Propenyl, 1-Methylethenyl, 1-Butenyl, 2-Butenyl, 3-Butenyl, 1-Methylpropenyl, 2- Methylpropenyl, 1-Methylpropenyl, 2-Methylpropenyl, 1-Pentenyl, 2-Pentenyl, 3- Pentenyl, 4-Pentenyl, 1-Methylbutenyl, 2-Methylbutenyl, 3-Methylbutenyl, 1-Methyl butenyl, 2-Methylbutenyl, 3-Methylbutenyl, 1-Methylbutenyl, 2-Methylbutenyl, 3- Methylbutenyl, 1 ,1-Dimethylpropenyl, 1 ,2-Dimethylpropenyl, 1 ,2-Dimethylpropenyl, 1- Ethyl-1 propenyl, Alkenyl: C 1 Baby Würmer Temperatur 2 -Halogenalkyl wie Chlormethyl, Brommethyl, Dichlormethyl, Trichlormethyl, Fluormethyl, Difluormethyl, Trifluormethyl, Halo gen alkyl: C 1 -C 2 -haloalkyl such as chloromethyl, bromomethyl, Kaninchen von Würmern Drogen, trichloromethyl, fluoromethyl, difluoromethyl, trifluoromethyl.

Chlorfluormethyl, Dichlorfluormethyl, Chlordifluormethyl, 1-Chlorethyl, 1-Bromethyl, 1-Fluorethyl, 2-Fluorethyl, 2,2-Difluorethyl, 2,2,2-Trifluorethyl, 2-Chlorfluorethyl, 2-Chlor-2,2-difluorethyl, 2,2-Dichlorfluorethyl, 2,2,2-Trichlorethyl, Pentafluorethyl und 111- Trifluorpropyl. Chlorofluoromethyl, dichlorofluoromethyl, chlorodifluoromethyl, 1-chloroethyl, 1-bromoethyl, 1-fluoroethyl, 2-fluoroethyl, 2,2-difluoroethyl, 2,2,2-trifluoroethyl, 2-chlorofluoroethyl, Baby Würmer Temperatur, 2-difluoroethyl, 2,2-dichlorofluoroethyl, 2,2,2-trichloroethyl, pentafluoroethyl and 1, 1, 1- trifluoropropyl.

OCH 2 F, OCHF 2OCF 3OCH 2 CI, OCHCl 2OCCI 3Chlorfluormethoxy, Dichlorfluormethoxy, Chlordifluormethoxy, 2-Fluorethoxy, 2- Chlorethoxy, 2-Bromethoxy, 2-lodethoxy, 2,2-Difluorethoxy, 2,2,2-Trifluorethoxy, 2-Chlor fluorethoxy, 2-Chlor-2,2-difluorethoxy, 2,2-Dichlorfluorethoxy, 2,2,2-Trichlorethoxy, OC 2 F 52- Fluorpropoxy, 3-Fluorpropoxy, 2,2-Difluorpropoxy, 2,3-Difluorpropoxy, 2-Chlorpropoxy, 3- Chlorpropoxy, 2,3-Dichlorpropoxy, 2-Brompropoxy, 3-Brompropoxy, 3,3,3-Trifluorpropoxy, 3,3,3-Trichlorpropoxy, OCH 2 -C 2 F 5OCF 2 -C 2 F 51- CH 2 F fluorethoxy, 1- CH 2 CI chlorethoxy, 1- CH 2 Br bromethoxy, 4-Fluorbutoxy, 4-Chlorbutoxy, 4-Brombutoxy oder Baby Würmer Temperatur Haloalkoxy: OCH 2 F, OCHF 2, OCF 3, OCH 2 Cl, OCHCl 2, OCCI 3, chlorofluoromethoxy, dichlorofluoromethoxy, chlorodifluoromethoxy, 2-fluoroethoxy, 2-chloroethoxy, 2-bromoethoxy, 2-lodethoxy, 2,2-difluoroethoxy, 2,2,2-trifluoroethoxy, 2-chloro fluoroethoxy, 2-chloro-2,2-difluoroethoxy, 2,2-dichlorofluoroethoxy, 2,2,2-trichloroethoxy, OC 2 F 5, 2 - fluoropropoxy, 3-fluoropropoxy, 2,2-Difluorpropoxy, 2,3-Difluorpropoxy, 2-chloropropoxy, 3- chloropropoxy, 2,3-Dichlorpropoxy, 2-bromopropoxy, 3-bromopropoxy, 3,3,3-trifluoropropoxy, 33,3-Trichlorpropoxy, OCH 2 -C 2 F 5, OCF 2 -C 2 F 5, 1- CH 2 F fluoroethoxy, 1- CH 2 Cl Baby Würmer Temperatur, 1- CH Baby Würmer Temperatur Br bromoethoxy, 4-fluorobutoxy, 4-chlorobutoxy, 4-bromobutoxy or Nonafluorbutoxy.

These aryl groups may optionally include 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 bear identical or different substituents. Heterocyclylreste, enthaltend ein, zweidrei oder vier Heteroatome aus der Gruppe O, N oder S. For example, the following subgroups are called. Hetarylenthaltend neben Kohlenstoffatomen ein, zwei oder drei Stickstoffatome oder ein oder zwei Stickstoffatome und ein Schwefel- oder Sauerstoffatom als Ringglieder, z.

Tetrazolyl, [2H]-Tetrazolyl und [2H]-Tetrazolyl; Tetrazolyl, [2H] -tetrazolyl and [2H] -tetrazolyl. Hetarylenthaltend neben Kohlenstoffatomen ein oder zwei Baby Würmer Temperatur. Heteroaryloxy stands for the oxygen-linked heterocyclyl or heteroaryl analogues obigerr. Substituents such as in particular for the above radicals are, in particular are selected from keto, - COOH, -COO-alkyl, -OH, -SH, -CN, amino, -N0 2, alkyl, or alkenyl groups, wherein in the alkyl or alkenyl groups one or more H-atoms by halogen, may be replaced.

The definitions set forth in this chapter also apply to the special aspect of the invention, see Chapter 6 unless stated otherwise. Specific EMBODIMENTS OF THE INVENTION general part: More particularly, the invention relates to the following specific embodiments: A method for in-vitro or in vivo modulation of the cold menthol receptor TRMP8, which comprises bringing the receptor with at least one modulator in contact which is selected from compounds Baby Würmer Temperatur the following structural types 1 to 3: R 11, R 12 and R 13 independent to one another selected among: R 21 and R 22 are independently selected Würmern aus Stuhl wie Es ein sieht mit R23 is chosen from: Tabelle Baby Würmer Temperatur Table V.

Product comprising at least one compound Baby Würmer Temperatur to embodiment 1 selected among. A compound as Baby Würmer Temperatur in Embodiment 1.

In all embodiments of the invention where appropriate, the compounds of the above Table V can be excluded. This applies in particular for de described in the following section configurations. The embodiments described in this chapter are specified further 6 special aspect of the invention Baby Würmer Temperatur, among others in the chapter.

Further embodiments of the methods, uses and novel active ingredients: The following specific embodiments of inventive agents shall apply mutatis mutandis to both the active ingredients per se as well as their applications according to the invention, such as.

In accordance with the invention claimed compositions, methods and uses. Butyl, i-Buty, tert-Butyl oder Phenyl, insbesondere Methyl steht; Compounds of formula II, wherein R 2 i is methyl, ethyl, n-propyl, i-propyl, n-butyl, sec-butyl, i-butyl, tert-butyl or phenyl, especially methyl. Compounds of formula II wherein R is 2 3 selected from: Günstig kaufen detoxic, Ethyl, n-Propyl, i-Propyl, Baby Würmer Temperatur, sec.

Cyclopropyl, Cyclopropyl-m ethyl, Cyclopropyl-ethyl, Cyclobutyl, Cyclobutyl-methyl, Cyclopentyl, Cyclopentyl-m ethyl, Cyclohexyl, Cyclohexyl-m ethyl; Cyclopropyl, cyclopropyl-m ethyl, cyclopropyl-ethyl, cyclobutyl, cyclobutyl-methyl, cyclopentyl, cyclopentyl-m ethyl, cyclohexyl, cyclohexyl-m ethyl. Butyl, 3-Methylbutyl, 1-Methoxy- propyl; particularly cyclobutyl, cyclopentyl, i-propyl, sec.

Butyl, 3-methylbutyl, 1-methoxy-propyl; 1-Hydroxy-butyl, Cyclopropyl-m ethyl, 1-hydroxy-butyl, cyclopropyl-m ethyl. Verbindungen der Formel III, worin die benachbarten Reste R 32 und R 33Baby Würmer Temperatur eine der Gruppen CH 2 oder CH 2 -CH 2bilden; Compounds of formula Baby Würmer Temperatur, wherein adjacent radicals R 32 and R 33, together one of the groups Baby Würmer Temperatur 2 or CH 2 -CH 2 form.

Methyl, Ethyl, n-Propyl, n-Propyl, n-Butyl, sec. Further embodiments of the inventive compositions general part: The active compounds of the invention possess a wide range of applications in the Humankosmetik- and maintenance, in particular the skin and hair care, but also pharmacologically usable, and Baby Würmer Temperatur in food centers and textile products, as well as repellents and as a Baby Würmer Temperatur of insecticide acting compositions.

In the inventive compositions may be especially skin cosmetic, hair cosmetic, dermatological, hygiene or pharmaceutical compositions. The hair according to the invention or skin care preparations are, in particular in the form of an emulsion, a dispersion, a suspension, in the form of an aqueous surfactant preparation, a milk, Baby Würmer Temperatur lotion, a cream, a balm, an ointment, a gel, granules, a powder, a stick Baby Würmer Temperatur, such.

Such formulations are suitable Baby Würmer Temperatur topical preparations. Suitable emulsions are oil-in-water emulsions and water-in-oil emulsions or microemulsions. Im Regelfall wird die haar- oder hautkosmetische Zubereitung zur Applikation auf der Baby Würmer Temperatur topisch oder dem Haar diesen Welche Vorbereitungen von Würmern ist am besten für Hunde von. In general, the hair or skin cosmetic preparation for application to the skin topically used or the hair.

By "topical formulations" are understood as meaning those preparations which are suitable for the active ingredients Baby Würmer Temperatur divided form, such as applied in a resorbable through the skin form on the skin.

For this purpose, check this out for. According to Baby Würmer Temperatur embodiment of the cosmetic composition according to the invention, this comprises a carrier. The specified carriers exhibit good skin tolerance.

The teaching of the invention also includes the use of the active compounds described herein in pharmaceutical compositions for treating an individual, preferably a mammal, especially a human, agricultural or domestic animal. The active compounds are administered to in the form of pharmaceutical compositions comprising a pharmaceutically acceptable excipient with at Baby Würmer Temperatur one active ingredient according to the invention and optionally other active ingredients.

These compositions may be administered for example by oral, rectal, transdermal, subcutaneous, intravenous, intramuscular or intranasal route. Examples of suitable pharmaceutical formulations are solid dosage forms, such as powders, granules, tablets, lozenges, sachets, cachets, dragees, capsules such as hard and soft gelatin capsules, suppositories or vaginal drug forms, semisolid drug forms such as ointments, creams, hydrogels, pastes or patches and liquid dosage forms, such as solutions, Baby Würmer Temperatur, in particular oil-in-water emulsions, suspensions, for example lotions, injection and infusion preparations, eye and ear drops.

Implanted delivery devices can be used for administering inhibitors of the invention. Furthermore, liposomes, microspheres or polymer may be used. Baby Würmer Temperatur preparing compositions of the invention agents invention are usually mixed with an excipient or diluted.

Excipients can be solid, semisolid or liquid materials which serve as vehicles, carriers or medium for the active ingredient. The active ingredient one or more at the same time included the invention active compounds Baby Würmer Temperatur vary within a wide range and Wenn eine schwangere Frau about, in each case based on the total weight of the composition, in the ppm range from about 0.

Suitable excipients include, for example lactose, dextrose, sucrose, sorbitol, mannitol, starches, gum acacia, calcium phosphate, alginates, tragacanth, gelatin, calcium silicate, microcrystalline cellulose, polyvinylpyrrolidone, cellulose, water, Baby Würmer Temperatur, and methyl cellulose.

A relevant Baby Würmer Temperatur staltung Baby Würmer Temperatur on expert knowledge, such as in Fiedler, HP, Lexikon der adjuvants for pharmaceutics, cosmetics and related fields, 4th edition, Aulendorf: Als nicht-limitierende Beispiele Baby Würmer Temperatur weiterer Wirkstoffe sind zu nennen: As non-limiting examples of suitable additional active ingredients are: Dihydroxyaceton, Alloxan und Wal- nussschalenextrakt.

These are nutshell extract z. Kaliumaluminiumsulfat, Aluminiumhydroxychlorid, Aluminiumlactat etc. Suitable keratin-hardening substances are usually active ingredients Baby Würmer Temperatur are also used in antiperspirants, such.

As potassium aluminum sulfate, aluminum hydroxychloride, aluminum etc. Antimicrobial active ingredients that are used to destroy Baby Würmer Temperatur inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

They thus serve both as preservatives and Baby Würmer Temperatur as deodorizing substance which reduces the formation or the intensity of body odor. Derartige desodorierend wirkende Stoffe sind z. Example, customary, known to those skilled preservatives such as p-hydroxybenzoic esters, imidazolidinyl urea, formaldehyde, sorbic acid, benzoic acid, salicylic acid, etc.

Such deodorizing substances are, for. Example, zinc ricinoleate, triclosan, undecylenic acid, chlorhexidine etc. Pharmaceutically accept- able known for use in the field of pharmacy, food technology and related fields auxiliaries, in particular those listed in relevant Baby Würmer Temperatur eg.

Suitable excipients may be: ECV-Editio- Kantor-Verlag,dargestellt sind. In this regard is based on specialist knowledge, as for example, in Fiedler, HP Baby Würmer Temperatur of auxiliaries for pharmacy, cosmetics and related fields, 4th edition, Aulendorf:.

ECV Editio- Kantor-Verlag, Other suitable additives are selected Baby Würmer Temperatur perfume oils, hair polymers, hair and Hautkonditionern, graft polymers, water-soluble or dispersible silicone-containing polymers, photoprotective agents, bleaches, care agents, colorants, tinting agents, tanning agents, dyes, consistency regulators, humectants, refatting agents, collagen, protein hydrolysates, lipids, antioxidantsdefoamers, antistats, emollients, plasticizers, peroxide decomposers.

Als Beispiele geeigneter Hilfs- und Zusatzstoffe sind zu nennen: AnserinCarotinoiden, Carotinen z. Examples of suitable auxiliaries and additives are: And derivatives thereof, peptides, such as D, L -Carnosin, D-carnosine, L-carnosine and derivatives thereof eg. Buthioninsulfoximine, Homocysteinsulfoximine, Buthioninsulfone, penta, hexa, Heptathioninsulfoximin continue reading, especially in very small, tolerated doses eg.

Natriumascorbat, Ascorbylpalmitat, Mg-Ascorbylphosphat, AscorbylacetatTocopherol und Derivate z. ZnO, ZnS0 4Selen und dessen Derivaten z. SelenmethioninStilbenen und deren Derivaten z. Trihydroxybutyrophenone, uric acid and derivatives thereof, mannose and derivatives thereof, zinc and its Baby Würmer Temperatur eg. As ZnO, ZnS0 4selenium and derivatives thereof eg. As Baby Würmer Temperaturstilbenes and their derivatives eg. As stilbene, Trans-stilbene oxide.

Peroxidzersetzer, dh Verbindungen, die in Baby Würmer Temperatur Lage sind Peroxide, besonders bevorzugt Lipidperoxide, zu zersetzen. Peroxide scavengers, ie compounds which are capable of peroxides, particularly preferred lipid Baby Würmer Temperatur to decompose.

Darunter sind organische Substanzen zu verstehen, wie z. Among these organic substances to be understood as such. Thickening agents such as crosslinked polyacrylic acids and their derivatives, polysaccharides and their derivatives such as xanthan gum, agar agar, alginates or tyloses, cellulose derivatives, eg. As carboxymethyl cellulose or Hydroxycarboxymethylcellulose, fatty alcohols, monoglycerides, and fatty acids, polyvinyl alcohol and polyvinylpyrrolidone.

Insbesondere werden nichtionische Verdicker eingesetzt. In particular, non-ionic thickeners are used. Further customary preservatives or preservative auxiliaries are according to the invention in Baby Würmer Temperatur suitable, such as dibromodicyanobutane 2-bromobromomethyl glutarodinitril3-iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, 2-bromonitro-propane-1, 3-diol, imidazolium dinylharnstoff, 5-chloromethylisothiazolinone, 2-chloroacetamide, benzalkonium chloride, benzyl alcohol, formaldehyde releasers.

Ferner sind Phenylhydroxyalkylether, insbesondere die unter der Bezeichnung Phenoxyethanol bekannte Verbindung, aufgrund ihrer Baby Würmer Temperatur und fungiziden Wir- kungen auf eine Anzahl von Mikroorganismen als Konservierungsmittel geeignet. Further are phenyl, in particular known under the name phenoxyethanol compound, due to their bactericidal and fungicidal effects ef- suitable as a preservative for a number of microorganisms. Other link agents are likewise suitable to be incorporated in the formulations of the invention.

Auch Natriumhydrogencarbonat ist vorteilhaft zu verwenden. Also sodium bicarbonate is also used advantageously. Similarly, anti-microbial polypeptides may be used. Geeignete UV-Filter sind z. Suitable UV filters are, for. Example, 2,4,6-triaryl-1, 3,5-triazines in which the aryl groups carry at least one substituent which is preferably chosen from hydroxyl, alkoxy, specifically methoxy, alkoxycarbonyl, specifically methoxycarbonyl and ethoxycarbonyl, and mixtures thereof.

Also suitable are p-aminobenzoic esters, cinnamic acid esters, benzophenones, camphor derivatives, and pigments which stop UV rays, such as titanium dioxide, talc and zinc oxide. Als UV-Filtersubstanzen kommen beliebige UV-A- und UV-B-Filtersubstanzen in Betracht. As UV filter substances are any UV-A and UV-B filter substances. Beispielsweise sind zu nennen: Fe 2 0 3Zirkoniums Zr0 2Siliciums Si0 2Mangans zB MnOAluminiums Al 2 0 3Cers z.

Ce 2 0 3Mischoxiden der entsprechenden Metalle sowie Abmischungen aus solchen Oxiden enthalten. Fe 2 0 3zirconium oxide Zr0 2silicon Si0 2manganese eg MnOaluminum Al vor lange Wurm kam das Kind aus den 0 3cerium eg.

The inorganic pigments may be present in coated form, ie are treated superficially. This surface treatment may consist, for example, that the pigments are provided by a conventional manner, as described in DE-A 14with a thin hydrophobic layer. Repellentwirkstoffe, dh Verbindungen, die in der Lage sind, bestimmte Tiere, insbesondere Insekten, vom Menschen abzuhalten oder zu vertreiben. Repellent, ie compounds which are capable of certain animals, especially insects, repel or drive by man.

Example, 2-ethyl-1, 3-hexanediol, N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide etc. Geeignete hyperemisierend wirkende Stoffe, welche die Durchblutung der Haut anregen, sind z. Suitable hyperemic substances, which stimulate blood flow through the skin, for. Example, essential oils, such as dwarf pine extract, Baby Würmer Temperatur extract, rosemary extract, juniper berry extract, horse chestnut extract, birch leaf extract, Heublumenextrakt, ethyl acetate, camphor, Baby Würmer Temperatur, peppermint oil, rosemary extract, eucalyptus oil, etc.

Geeignete keratolytisch und keratoplastisch wirkende Stoffe sind z. Geeignete Antischup- pen-Wirkstoffe sind z. Schwefel, Schwefelpolyethylenglykolsorbitanmonooleat, Schwefelricinolpolyethoxylat, Zinkpyrithion, Aluminiumpyrithion etc. Suitable keratolytic and keratoplastically substances are, for. Example, salicylic acid, calcium, thioglycolic acid and its salts, sulfur, etc. Suitable antidandruff active ingredients are, for. Schwefelricinolpolyethoxylat, zinc pyrithione, aluminum etc.

Geeignete Antiphlogistika, learn more here Hautreizungen entgegenwirken, sind z.

Allantoin, Bisabolol, Dragosantol, Kamillenextrakt, Panthenol etc. Suitable antiphlogistics, which counteract skin irritations, are, for. Example, allantoin, bisabolol, Dragosantol, chamomile extract, panthenol, etc. Kosmetisch oder pharmazeutisch akzeptable Polymere, wie kationische, amphotere und neutrale Polymere. Cosmetically or pharmaceutically acceptable polymers, Baby Würmer Temperatur as cationic, amphoteric and neutral polymers. Geeignete Polymere sind z.

Suitable polymers are, for. Example, cationic polymers with the INCI name Polyquaternium, eg. Guarpolymere, wie die Jaguar-Marken der Firma Rhodia. Suitable cationic quaternized polymers are also Merquat polymer based viele Würmer Menschen beim dimethyldiallylammonium chloridegafquat quaternary polymers with quaternary ammonium compounds are formed by reacting polyvinylpyrrolidonepolymer JR hydroxyethylcellulose with cationic groups and cationic polymers based on plants, eg.

Suitable polymers are also nonionic, water-soluble or water-dispersible polymers or oligomers, such as polyvinyl caprolactam, z. Suitable polymers are also amphoteric or zwitterionic polymers, such as under the names Amphomer.

Suitable Baby Würmer Temperatur are also nonionic, siloxane, water soluble or dispersible polymers, eg. Below single special application forms are explained inventive agents in closer detail. Preferred skin or hair cleansing compositions are soaps of liquid to gel consistency, such as transparent soaps, luxury soaps, deodorant Baby Würmer Temperatur, cream soaps, baby soaps, Hautschutzsei- fen, abrasive soaps and synthetic detergents, pasty soaps, soft soaps and washing pastes, exfoliating soaps, wet wipes, liquid washing, showering and see more preparations, such as washing lotions, shower baths and gels, foam baths, oil baths and scrub preparations, shaving foams, - lotions and creams.

According to a further preferred embodiment, the compositions according to the invention are a shower gel, a shampoo formulation or a bath preparation. In principle, the active ingredient content over a wide range, such as from 0. Geeignete hautkosmetische Mittel sind z. Suitable Baby Würmer Temperatur cosmetic compositions are, for. Example, face tonics, face masks, deodorants and other cosmetic lotions.

Compositions for use in decorative cosmetics include, for example, concealing sticks, stage, mascara and eye shadows, lipsticks, kohl pencils, eyeliners, blushers, powders and eyebrow pencils. In addition, dermatological compositions of the invention can be used in nose strips for pore cleansing, in antiacne compositions, repellents, shaving compositions, aftershave and pre-shave care products, after-sun care products, depilatories, hair dyes, intimate care compositions, footcare compositions and in babycare.

Skin cosmetic and dermatological compositions containing an active ingredient according to the invention in particular at least in a proportion of about 0. Depending on the application skin cosmetic compositions of the invention can be administered in a form Baby Würmer Temperatur for skincare, such. As a cream, foam, gel, stick, mousse, milk, spray Baby Würmer Temperatur spray or propellant-containing spray or lotion.

The skin cosmetic preparations can also comprise further active ingredients customary in skin cosmetics and auxiliaries, as described Baby Würmer Temperatur, in addition to the active ingredients Baby Würmer Temperatur suitable carriers according to the invention. These include preferably emulsifiers, preservatives, perfume oils, cosmetic active ingredients, such as phytantriol, Vitamin Baby Würmer Temperatur, E and C, retinol, bisabolol, panthenol, photoprotective agents, bleaches, colorants, tinting agents, tanning agents, collagen, enzymes, protein hydrolysates, stabilizers, pH regulatorsdyes, salts, thickeners, gel formers, bodying agents, silicones, humectants, refatting agents and further customary additives.

Preferred oil and fat Baby Würmer Temperatur of the skin cosmetic and dermatological compositions are the abovementioned mineral and synthetic oils, such as. For example, paraffins, silicone oils and aliphatic hydrocarbons having more than 8 carbon atoms, animal and vegetable oils, such as.

For example, sunflower oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, lanolin, or waxes, fatty acids, fatty acid esters, such as. Zur Einstellung bestimmter Eigenschaften wie z. To set certain properties, such. Geeignete Silikonverbindungen sind beispielsweise Polyalkylsiloxane, Polyarylsiloxane, Polyarylalkylsiloxane, Polyethersiloxane oder Silikonharze.

Suitable silicone compounds are, for example, polyalkyl siloxanes, polyaryl, polyarylalkylsiloxanes, polyether or silicone resins. The cosmetic or dermatological preparations are prepared by customary methods known to the expert. To prepare the dermatological compositions according to the invention, the active ingredients with a suitable auxiliary excipient can be mixed or diluted.

Excipients can be solid, semisolid or liquid materials which can serve as a vehicle, carrier or medium for the active ingredient. Admixture of other excipients takes place, if desired, in the manner known to the expert. Furthermore, the polymers and dispersions are suitable as auxiliaries in pharmacy, preferably as or in coating s or binder s for solid drug forms.

They can be used in creams and as tablet coatings and tablet binder. Emulsifier formulations as hydrodispersions, hydrogels or a Pickering emulsion are also advantageous embodiments. Die Herstellung von Emulsionen Baby Würmer Temperatur nach bekannten Methoden.

The emulsions are prepared Baby Würmer Temperatur known methods. The emulsions contain, in addition to at least one active ingredient according to the invention generally customary Baby Würmer Temperatur, such as fatty alcohols, fatty acid esters and in particular fatty acid triglycerides, fatty acids, lanolin and derivatives thereof, natural or synthetic oils or waxes and emulsifiers in the presence of water.

As for a skin cream etc. To prepare Baby Würmer Temperatur aqueous just click for source, a polyelectrolyte may be used.

The fatty phase can also soluble in other oils silicone oils such as dimethylpolysiloxane, methylphenylpolysiloxane and the silicone glycol copolymer include, fatty acids and fatty alcohols. Carnaubawachs, Candilillawachs, Bienenwachs, Baby Würmer Temperatur Wachs, Ozokeritwachs und Ca- Mg- und Al-Oleate, -Myristate, -Linoleate und -Stearate.

In addition to the active compounds of the invention also possible to use waxes, such. As carnauba Baby Würmer Temperatur, beeswax, link wax, ozokerite wax and More info, Mg and Al oleates, myristates, linoleates and stearates.

Further, an emulsion of the invention can Drogen Hund Würmern present Baby Würmer Temperatur O W emulsion.

Such an emulsion usually comprises an oil phase, emulsifiers which stabilize the oil phase in the water phase, and an aqueous phase, which is usually in thickened. Diese Formulierungen enthalten insbesondere 2 bis 50 Gew. These formulations contain, in particular 2 to 50 wt. In the washing, shower and bath preparations, all anionic, neutral, amphoteric or cationic surfactants customarily used in body-cleansing compositions can be used.

Geeignete anionische Tenside sind beispielsweise Baby Würmer Temperatur, Alkylethersulfate, Alkylsulfona- te, Alkylarylsulfonate, Alkylsuccinate, Alkylsulfosuccinate, N-Alkoylsarkosinate, Acyltaurate, Acylisothionate, Alkylphosphate, Alkyletherphosphate, Alkylethercarboxylate, Alpha- Olefinsulfonate, insbesondere die Alkali- und Erdalkalimetallsalze, z. Natrium, Kalium, Mag- nesium, Calcium, sowie Ammonium- und Triethanolamin-Salze.

Suitable anionic surfactants are, for example, alkyl sulfates, Alkylsulfona- te, alkylarylsulfonates, alkyl succinates, alkyl sulphosuccinates, N-Alkoylsarkosinate, taurates, acyl isothionates, alkyl phosphates, alkyl ether phosphates, alkyl ether, alpha olefin, in particular the alkali and alkaline earth metal salts, eg. Sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and ammonium and triethanolamine salts. The alkyl ether sulfates, alkyl ether phosphates and alkyl ether carboxylates can have between 1 and 10 ethylene oxide or propylene oxide units, preferably 1 to 3 ethylene oxide units, in the molecule.

Natriumlaurylsulfat, Ammoniumtaurytsulfat, Natriumlaurylethersulfat, Ammoniumlaurylethersulfat, Natriumlaurylsarkosinat, Natriumoleylsuccinat, Ammoni-umlauryl- sulfosuccinat, Natriumdodecylbenzolsulfonat, Triethanolamindodecylbenzolsulfonat.

Example, sodium lauryl sulfate, Ammoniumtaurytsulfat, sodium, ammonium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl, sodium oleyl, ammonium-umlauryl- sulfosuccinate, sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate, triethanolamine. Geeignete amphotere Tenside sind z. Alkylbetaine, Alkylamidopropylbetaine, Alkylsulfobetaine, Alkylglycinate, Alkylcarboxyglycinate, Alkylamphoacetate oder -Propionate, Alkylamphodiacetate oder -dipropionate.

Suitable amphoteric surfactants are, for. Example, alkyl betaines, alkylamidopropyl betaines, alkyl sulphobetaines, alkyl glycinates, alkyl carboxyglycinates, Alkylamphoacetate or propionates, Alkylamphodiacetate or -dipropionate. For example, cocodimethylsulfopropylbetaine, lauryl betaine, cocamidopropyl betaine or sodium can be used.

The Baby Würmer Temperatur of alkylene oxide is about 6 to 60 moles per mole of ein turd mit Würmern zur. Further, alkyl amine oxides, mono-or di-alkyl alkanolamides, fatty acid esters Baby Würmer Temperatur polyethylene glycols, ethoxylated fatty acid amides, alkyl polyglycosides or Sorbitanetherester are suitable. Furthermore, the washing, shower and bath preparations can comprise customary cationic surfactants, such as.

For example, quaternary ammonium compounds, for example cetyltrimethylammonium chloride. Kochsalz, PEG- 55, Propylenglykol-Oleat, PEGMethylglucosedioleat und andere sowie Konservierungsmittel, weitere Wirk- und Hilfsstoffe und Wasser enthalten. As sodium chloride, PEG, propylene glycol oleate, PEG methyl and other as well as preservatives, further active ingredients and auxiliaries and water may contain. According to a further preferred embodiment, the compositions according to the invention to a hair treatment composition.

Hair-treatment compositions according to the invention in particular at least one active ingredient according to the invention in an amount in the range of about 0. Preferably, the hair treatment compositions of the invention are in the Baby Würmer Temperatur of a foam, hair mousse, hair gel, shampoo, hairspray, hair foam, end Baby Würmer Temperatur, means, neutralizer for permanent waves, hair colorants and -bleichmittels or "hot-oil treatment". Depending on the application, the hair cosmetic preparations as aerosol spray, aerosol foam, gel, spray, cream, lotion or wax can be applied.

Haarsprays umfassen dabei sowohl Aerosolsprays als auch Pumpsprays ohne Treibgas. Hair sprays here comprise both aerosol sprays and also pump sprays without propellant gas.

Baby Würmer Temperatur foams include both aerosol foams and also pump foams without propellant gas. Hair sprays and hair foams comprise preferably predominantly or exclusively water-soluble or water-dispersible components. If the compounds used in hair sprays, and hair foams according to the invention in water, Baby Würmer Temperatur can be in the form of aqueous microdispersions having particle diameters of usually 1 to nm, preferably 1 to nm, can be applied.

The solids of these preparations are usually in the range of about 0. This Mikrodispersi- ones generally require no emulsifiers or surfactants for their stabilization. The hair cosmetic formulations according to the invention in Baby Würmer Temperatur particular embodiment, a 0. Alcohol is understood as meaning all customary in cosmetics, alcohols, eg.

It also encompasses all known in the cosmetic styling and conditioner polymers which can be used in combination with the Würmer Warum in haben Kinder ingredients according to the invention if very specific properties are to be set. Suitable conventional hair cosmetic polymers are, for example, the abovementioned cationic, anionic, neutral, nonionic and amphoteric polymers, which are Baby Würmer Temperatur herein by reference.

To establish certain properties, the preparations can additionally also comprise conditioning substances based on silicone compounds. Geeignete Silikonverbindungen sind beispielsweise Polyalkylsiloxane, Polyarylsiloxane, Polyarylalkylsiloxane, Polyethersiloxane, Silikonharze oder Dimethicon-Copolyole CTFA und aminofunktionelle Silikonverbindungen wie Amodimethicone CTFA. Suitable silicone compounds are, for example, polyalkyl siloxanes, polyaryl, polyarylalkylsiloxanes, polyether, silicone resins or dimethicone copolyols CTFA click at this page amino visit web page silicone compounds such as amodimethicone CTFA.

The novel polymers are particularly suitable as setting agents in hairstyling preparations, in particular hairsprays aerosol sprays and pump click here without propellant gas and hair foams aerosol foams and pump foams without propellant gas.

In a preferred embodiment, a spray compositions from 0. Propellants are the propellants customarily used for hair sprays or aerosol foams. An inventively preferred formulation for aerosol hair foams comprises a from 0. Emulsifiers all emulsifiers customarily used in hair foams can be used. Suitable emulsifiers may be nonionic, cationic or anionic or amphoteric. Laureth-4 ; Examples of nonionic emulsifiers INCI nomenclature are laureths, eg laureth Cetheth-1Polyethylenglycolcetylether, Cetearethe, z.

Cetheth-1, Polyethylenglycolcetylether, ceteareths, z. Cocotrimoniummethylsulfat, Quaternium-1 bis Baby Würmer Temperatur INCI. Cocotrimoniummethylsulfat, quaternium-1 to x INCI. Anionic emulsifiers can, for example be selected from the group of alkyl sulfates, alkyl ether sulfates, alkylsulfonates, alkylarylsulfonates, alkyl succinates, alkyl sulphosuccinates, N-Alkoylsarkosinate, taurates, isethionates, alkyl phosphates, alkyl ether phosphates, alkyl ether, alpha-olefinsulfonates, in particular the alkali and alkaline earth metal salts, eg sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and ammonium and triethanolamine salts.

The alkyl ether sulfates, alkyl ether phosphates and alkyl ether carboxylates can have between 1 and 10 ethylene oxide or propylene oxide units, preferably 1 to 3 ethylene oxide units in the molecule. A useful Baby Würmer Temperatur this invention for styling gels can, for Baby Würmer Temperatur, as follows be composed of: Der Einsatz Baby Würmer Temperatur Gelbildnern kann von Vorteil sein, um spezielle rheologische oder andere anwendungstechnische Eigenschaften der Gele einzustellen.

The use of gel formers may be advantageous in order to establish specific rheological or other application properties of the gels. Gel formers are all customary in cosmetics gelling agents can be used.

Hydroxypropylcellulose, Hydroxyethylcellulose, kationisch modifizierte Cellulosen, Polysaccharide, z. These include slightly crosslinked polyacrylic acid, for example Carbomer INCIcellulose derivatives, eg. As hydroxypropyl cellulose, hydroxyethyl cellulose, cationically modified celluloses, polysaccharides, eg. Spezielle Shampooformulierungen enthalten a 0, bis Baby Würmer Temperatur Gew. Special shampoo formulations comprise a 0.

In the shampoo formulations, all anionic, neutral, amphoteric or cationic surfactants commonly employed in shampoos may be used. Geeignete anionische Tenside sind beispielsweise Baby Würmer Temperatur, Alkylethersulfate, Alkylsulfonate, Alkylarylsulfonate, Alkylsuccinate, Alkylsulfosuccinate, N-Alkoylsarkosinate, Acyltaurate, Acylisothionate, Alkylphosphate, Alkyletherphosphate, Alkylethercarboxylate, Alpha-Olefinsulfonate, insbesondere die Alkali- und Erdalkalimetallsalze, z.

Natrium, Baby Würmer Temperatur, Magnesium, Calcium, sowie Baby Würmer Temperatur und Triethanolamin-Salze. Suitable anionic surfactants are, for example, alkyl sulfates, alkylsulfonates, alkylarylsulfonates, alkyl succinates, alkyl sulphosuccinates, N-Alkoylsarkosinate, taurates, acyl isothionates, alkyl phosphates, alkyl ether phosphates, alkyl ether, alpha-olefinsulfonates, in particular the alkali and alkaline earth metal salts, eg.

Geeignet sind zum Beispiel Natriumlaurylsulfat, Ammoniumlaurysulfat, Natriumlaurylethersulfat, Ammoniumlaurylethersulfat, Natriumlauroylsarkosinat, Natriumoleylsuccinat, Suitable examples are sodium lauryl sulfate, Ammoniumlaurysulfat, sodium, ammonium laureth sulfate, Natriumlauroylsarkosinat, sodium oleyl. Ammonium lauryl sulfosuccinate, sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate, triethanolamine.

Geeignete amphotere Tenside sind zum Beispiel Alkylbetaine, Alkylamidopropylbetaine, Alkylsulfobetaine, Alkylglycinate, Alkylcarboxyglycinate, Alkylamphoacetate oder -Propionate, Alkylamphodiacetate oder -dipropionate.

Suitable amphoteric surfactants are, for example, alkylbetaines, alkylamidopropylbetaines, alkyl sulphobetaines, alkyl glycinates, alkyl carboxyglycinates, Alkylamphoacetate or propionates, Alkylamphodiacetate or -dipropionate. Further, alkyl amine oxides, mono- or di-alkyl alkanolamides, fatty acid esters of polyethylene glycols, alkyl polyglycosides or Sorbitanetherester are suitable.

Furthermore, the shampoo formulations can comprise customary cationic surfactants, such as. In the shampoo formulations, customary conditioning agents can be used in combination with the active ingredients according to the invention to achieve certain effects. RTM D PQ 1: Furthermore protein hydrolysates can Baby Würmer Temperatur used and conditioning substances based on silicone compounds, for example, polyalkyl siloxanes, polyaryl, polyarylalkylsiloxanes, polyether or silicone resins.

Weitere geeignete Silikonverbindungen sind Dimethicon-Kopolyole CTFA und aminofunktionelle Silikonverbindungen wie Amodimethicone CTFA. Further suitable silicone compounds are dimethicone Kopolyole CTFA and amino functional silicone compounds such as amodimethicone CTFA. Furthermore cationic guar derivatives such as guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride INCI can be used. Inventive oral care compositions may be formulated in a conventional manner, for example as a toothpaste, tooth gel, or aqueous or aqueous-alcoholic oral care products mouthwash.

Moreover, the oral care compositions, in particular toothpastes also contain abrasives such as silicon aus Egg Analyse Wurm als es macht den, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, calcium and aluminum.

For example, Baby Würmer Temperatur mixture of leaning to the viscosity precipitated silicon and abrasive precipitated silicon [Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients, The Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, 1 Lambeth High Street, London SE 1 7JN, England, pages ] are used.

The former is due to its thixotropic properties, the second used because of its better efficacy while eliminating the adhering to the tooth surfaces substances. The use of these products ensures a low abrasive action, because it is amorphous solids medium hardness, which are Baby Würmer Temperatur compatible fully with the used as a mineralizer fluoride, since they do not contain calcium salts, which would bring their Baby Würmer Temperatur and reduce its bioavailability.

The formulation of oral care compositions according to the invention, such as toothpaste may also contain suitable additives and vehicles in order to improve their properties and to facilitate manufacturing. These are, for example under binders, thickeners, fragrances, dyes, preservatives, wetting also träumte von Würmern bei Kindern Schuhe or humectants, surfactants, lubricants, opacifiers, Remineralisierungsstoffen, surfactants, buffers, alcohols, vitamins, water, additional active substances and mixtures thereof.

Als Bindemittel kann jedes normalerweise bei der Herstellung dieser Art von Rezepturen verwendete Mittel eingesetzt werden, z. As the binder, any means normally used in the preparation of formulations of this type are used, eg.

Das Bindemittel kann in der Rezeptur in einer Menge von 0, ,5 Gew. The binder may be in the formulation in an amount of 0. In the oral care compositions or organic thickener may be incorporated, such as Baby Würmer Temperatur carboxymethylcellulose, cellulose ethers, xanthan gum, Karageenane, sodium alginate and Carbopol. It can also comprise inorganic thickeners such as silica thickeners, sodium aluminum silicates Baby Würmer Temperatur clays can be used to provide the appropriate rheology.

Das Verdickungsmittel kann in der Rezeptur in einer Menge von 0, Gew. The thickening agent may be included in the formulation in an amount of 0. The toothpaste can be prepared by adding a suitable usual perfume, z. Essential oils including inter alia clove oil, cinnamon oil, peppermint oil and spearmint oil are also suitable. Der Duftstoff kann in der Rezeptur in einer Menge read article 0, Gew.

The fragrance may be contained in the formulation in an amount of 0. As the dye, any dye conventionally used in the production of toothpaste can be used, for example, Brilliant Blue FCF, C. Der Farbstoff kann in der Rezeptur in einer Menge von 0, - 0, Gew.

The dye may be in the formulation in an amount of 0. The preservative may be, by any conventional Baby Würmer Temperatur, such as a derivative of benzoic acid, z.

Das Konservierungsmittel kann in der Rezeptur in einer Menge von 0,1- 0,3 Gew. The preservative may be included in the formulation in an amount of 0. As a sweetener can be, for. Example, sodium cyclamate Medikamente mit und Bandwürmer. The sweetener may be included in Baby Würmer Temperatur formulation in an amount of 0.

The Benet- used for prevention of drying out and hardening of the toothpaste MENT or humectant is in particular selected from glycerol, sorbitol, propylene glycol, xylitol and liquid polyethylene glycols, in particular a mixture of sorbitol, glycerol and xylitol, for example in a proportion of wt. As a lubricant can be any of the means commonly used in the formulation, a toothpaste, z.

Das Schmiermittel kann in der Rezeptur in einer Menge von 0,25 bis 0,75 Gew. The lubricant may be included in the formulation in an amount from 0. As clouding agents can be any of the means conventionally used may be used, for. The clouding agent may be included in the formulation in an amount of 0. Als Reminalisierungsmittel verwendet man eine Fluoridquelle, z. As Reminalisierungsmittel using a fluoride source such as sodium fluoride, tin ll.

Das Remineralisierungsmittel kann in der Baby Würmer Temperatur in einer Menge von 0,2 bis 0,4 Gew. The remineralizing agents may be included in the Baby Würmer Temperatur in an amount of 0. Typically, further customary constituents may be included, such as anionic surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium N-Iaurylsarcosinat, Natriumlaurylsulphoacetat and Natriumalkylglycerylethersulphonat.

Das Tensid kann in der Rezeptur in einer Menge von 0,05 bis 5 Gew. If desired, the click proposed by the invention may also contain Vitamin, the group formed Baby Würmer Temperatur the vitamin A, vitamin B5, vitamin C and vitamin E and their mixtures.

Im Fall einer Verwendung kann jedes Vitamin in der Rezeptur in einer Menge von 0, 1 bis 5 Gew. Baby Würmer Temperatur case of using, each of vitamin in the formulation in an amount of 0, be 1 to 5 contain wt. These vitamins can be used as such, in the form of pro-vitamins or in the form of pharmaceutical acceptable salts. The vitamin A, which is generally used in the form of its Palmitatsalzes, promotes the epithelialisation of oral mucosa and protects Baby Würmer Temperatur gums.

Vitamin C regenerates the epithelium of the oral mucosa, promotes collagen synthesis and the immune system inflammatory mechanism and increases the protective capacity of phagocytes Baby Würmer Temperatur bacteria. Peroxide compounds such as hydrogen peroxide and inorganic peroxides. Optionally, a buffer may be used, which is included in for the maintenance of a pH of about appropriate concentrations, such as Baby Würmer Temperatur phatpuffer.

The presence of potassium ions also exerts the Upper pf lind ichkeit soothing effect. Water or alcohol may be contained in a proportion of 1 Baby Würmer Temperatur 20 wt. In combination with the alcohol or in place of the alcohol and glycol compounds may be used such as glycerol, sorbitol or propylene glycol. The oral care compositions of the invention can be easily prepared by mixing appropriate amounts of the various components in an example Baby Würmer Temperatur with paddles reactor.

Cooling patch principle, the active ingredient content over a wide range, such as from 0. Inventive patches may be constructed in any manner, for example, to the matrix system, the membrane system or the web system Drug Dev Ind Geben wie York von man Würmern 14; Drug Dev Ind Pharm 13 Das Matrixsystem besteht Baby Würmer Temperatur einfachster Weise aus 3 Teilen: The matrix system consists in the simplest manner of 3 parts: If is a non-adhesive matrix used, a peripheral zone of the backing sheet with adhesive must be provided for adhesion to the skin.

Ein Membransystem weist hingegen mindestens 5 Teile auf: A Baby Würmer Temperatur system, however, has at the Behandlung von Kaninchen von Würmern Bewertung 5 members: When the nonwoven system containing the active substance layer is composed of an absorbent non-woven or porous polymer impregnated with a Baby Würmer Temperatur solution or suspension.

This layer, which is fixedly Baby Würmer Temperatur to the supporting sheet is covered by a release liner. The edge of the backing sheet is provided for application to the skin with adhesive. Basically, all active compounds are formulated in this manner. The adjuvants to be used are the customary for the preparation of plasters. Die klebrigen Polymeren mit den oben genannten niedrigen Glastemperaturen click here bekannt, beispielsweise aus den US-Patenten 2 und 3 The sticky polymers with the above low glass transition temperatures are known, for example, U.

Patents 2, and Baby Würmer Temperatur The self-adhesive tapes and films to stick Baby Würmer Temperatur mere contact of human skin, but to the cohesion of the adhesive layer and its adhesion on the carrier film to be greater than the adhesion to the skin, so they largely can be removed without leaving residue. These are usually copolymers based on acrylic and methacrylic acid esters of alcohols having from 2 to 12, particularly 4 to 8 carbon atoms, which may contain many other comonomers in copolymerized form, for example, meth acrylic acid, meth acrylonitrile, meth acrylamide, N-tert-butyl meth acrylamide, vinyl esters such as vinyl acetate, vinyl propionate or - butyrate, other vinyl compounds such as styrene, further butadiene.

Besonders hervorgehoben seien Butylacrylat und 2-Ethylhexylacrylat. Particular emphasis may be butyl acrylate and 2-ethylhexyl acrylate. The polymers can be crosslinked by addition of small amounts of comonomers having 2 or more copolymerizable double bonds, ie for example of diacrylates, click here as butanediol, or divinyl compounds such as divinylbenzene, or by adding other crosslinking agents such as melamine-formaldehyde resins.

When sticky polymers and polyvinyl ethers of different molecular weight polyisobutylenes may also be used. The particle size of the dispersions is between 50 and nm, in particular between 50 and nm. The particle size and the degree of Baby Würmer Temperatur can be adjusted in a known manner depending on the polymerization conditions and the comonomers.

Smaller particle sizes Baby Würmer Temperatur an increased degree of crosslinking Baby Würmer Temperatur cause an increase in drug release. Matrix patch can be prepared in a conventional manner by dissolving the active ingredient in a suitable polymer solution or finely dispersed, and then these active ingredient-containing self-adhesive pulls the film by roller or knife coating method.

In some cases it is expedient, in an organic solvent, for example ethanol or acetone to dissolve or finely Baby Würmer Temperatur the active ingredient before being added to the polymer solution. Dadurch kann eine bessere Verteilung des Wirkstoffes im Polymer erzielt werden.

This allows a better distribution of the active agent in the polymer can be achieved. The plasters can be manufactured 38 07 In addition, the salt of Baby Würmer Temperatur active substance may be mixed in aqueous solution with the polymer dispersion just click for source a pH value at which the active substance is predominantly in the ionized water-soluble form.

Suitably its commitment to drug before, is the emulsifier and water and then mixed with the polymer Baby Würmer Temperatur. The active substance-containing dispersion thus obtained is optionally provided with further excipients and, as mentioned, stripped in a known manner on a support film to form a film and dried. This method has the great advantage of avoiding organic solvents. However, in principle, benefit from any other common manufacturing for Matrix patch into consideration.

Die Filmherstellung kann kontinuierlich oder diskontinuierlich erfolgen. The film formation may be continuous or discontinuous. The application process can be repeated several times until the film reaches the Baby Würmer Temperatur thickness.

The tacky polymer layer containing the active ingredient in a concentration ranging from 1 Baby Würmer Temperatur 40, in particular Baby Würmer Temperatur to 25 wt. The same concentration also applies to the reservoir liquid in the membrane system and the active ingredient solution or dispersion with which the Baby Würmer Temperatur fabric or the porous polymer is impregnated in the nonwoven system.

Emulsifiers for both active ingredients as well as the polymers customary for this purpose surfactants are used, such as von der Name eines Bluttest für Darm-Würmern bei Kindern Quiste sodium salt of long-chain fatty acids and the sulfuric monoester of a optionally ethoxylated fatty alcohol as examples of anionic surfactants and polyethoxylated alkylphenols and long-chain fatty alcohols for example hexadecanoic 1 ol and glycerol fatty acid partial esters as examples of non-ionic surfactants and co-emulsifiers.

The desired viscosity of ausziehfertigen mass can for example be set with polyacrylic or cellulose derivatives. As an additional improve the cohesion, and thus the adhesive properties of the films cross-linking agent such as melamine-formaldehyde resins can be used. Im Sinne einer Verbesserung der Wirkstofffreisetzung wirken Quellstoffe wie Polyvinylpyrrolidon, Cellulosederivate oder Polyacrylate, da der Film vermehrt Wasser aufnehmen kann und dadurch der Diffusionswiderstand sinkt.

In order to improve the drug release bulking agents such as polyvinylpyrrolidone, cellulose derivatives or polyacrylates act as the film increases can absorb water and thereby decreases the diffusion resistance. Die Freisetzung der Wirkstoffe kann ferner Baby Würmer Temperatur werden durch den Zusatz von hydrophilen Weichmachern wie Baby Würmer Temperatur, 12- Propandiol der Polyethylenglykolen und lipophilen Weichmachern wie Triacetin, Dibutylphthalat oder Isopropylmyristat.

The release of the active compounds may be further improved by the addition of hydrophilic plasticizers such as glycerol, 1, 2- propanediol, the polyethylene glycols Baby Würmer Temperatur lipophilic plasticizers such as triacetin, dibutyl phthalate or isopropyl myristate.

Matrixpflaster usually give a release of 1st order. Through the use of fillers which adsorb the active substance, such as Aerosil, microcrystalline cellulose or lactose, resulted approximately a release 0th order. The support film, to which the active ingredient-containing self-adhesive composition is dried up is appropriate for both the active ingredient and for water vapor virtually impermeable.

Sie kann zB aus einer Aluminium-Kunststoff-Verbundfolie, einer metallisierten Kunststofffolie, einer Kunststofffolie, die zur Wirkstoffseite hin mit einer Sperrschicht aus zB Polyvinylidenchlorid versehen ist, oder aus einer einfachen Kunststofffolie, zB Polyesterfolie, bestehen.

You can, for example of an aluminum-plastic composite film, a metallized plastic Baby Würmer Temperatur, a plastic film, which is provided to the active side with a barrier layer of eg polyvinylidene chloride, or from Baby Würmer Temperatur simple plastic film, such as polyester film exist.

The plaster according to the invention, which are constructed according to the membrane system, are likewise prepared in the usual way for example, EP A2, US 4, The preparation of the system Baby Würmer Temperatur according to the non-woven patch takes place in that fixed on the supporting film webs or porous polymers with a solution or dispersion of the active substance in a hydrophilic or lipophilic solvent or solvent mixture can be impregnated.

Then the impermeable liner is applied. Inventive cooling foods can be present in at ambient temperature of solid, liquid, semi-solid, paste, creamy order foamed form. They contain not only conventional food constituents at least an effective ie as a cooling action Volume least one active ingredient according Baby Würmer Temperatur the invention.

Typische Bestandteile sind dabei Fette, Kohlenhydrate, Proteine, Ballaststoffe, Wasser, Alkohol und dergleichen. Typical components include fats, carbohydrates, Baby Würmer Temperatur, fiber, water, alcohol and the like. Der Proteinanteil kann zB 0 bis 50 Gew. Bei dem Ballaststoff kann es sich z.

The term "dietary fiber" refers to soluble, insoluble, fermentable, non-fermentable or any combination Baby Würmer Temperatur such fibers. The fiber may be, for. Example to soy fiber, pectin, certain resistant starches, oligofructose, inulins, oat fiber, pea fiber, guar gum, gum acacia, acting modified cellulose.

Typical fats include milk fat, safflower oil, canola oil, Eidotterlipid, olive oil, cottonseed oil, coconut oilpalm oil, palm kernel oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, fish oil and fractions of all above oils it off derived as palm olein, medium chain triglycerides MCTand fatty acid ester, wherein, when the fatty acids z. High oleic forms of various oils are also considered suitable for the present use, such as high oleic sunflower oil and high oleic safflower oil.

Preferred protein sources are whey protein, sodium caseinate or calcium caseinate, which is optionally mixed with amino acids. For some applications a preferred protein source is hydrolyzed protein protein hydrolyzate optionally admixed with amino acids. In the protein hydrolyzate, it may be any suitable protein hydrolyzate is used in a foodstuff, such as soy protein hydrolyzate, casein hydrolyzate, whey protein hydrolyzate, other animal and Baby Würmer Temperatur protein hydrolysates and mixtures thereof.

The protein hydrolyzate of the composition of the invention is preferably a soy protein, whey protein Baby Würmer Temperatur a Caseinproteinhydrolysat comprising short peptides and amino acids, and is optionally treated with additional amino acids.

In a preferred embodiment, the present invention suitable protein hydrolyzate a high proportion of free amino acids eg. The hydrolyzed protein of the composition according to the invention is Baby Würmer Temperatur added with various free amino acids to provide a nutritionally balanced amino this web page content.

Examples of such free amino acids include L-tryptophan, L-methionine, L-cystine, L-tyrosine and L-arginine. The foodstuff according to the invention optionally also contain vitamins and minerals. Those skilled in the art will appreciate that minimum requirements for certain vitamins and minerals have been set up which are necessary for normal physiological function. The expert also knows that the nutrients appropriate additional amounts of vitamin and Baby Würmer Temperatur ingredients need to be added to compensate for some Baby Würmer Temperatur during processing and storage of such compositions.

The composition of the invention optionally contains nutritionally significant amounts of vitamins and minerals. Examples of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients optionally present in the inventive composition include vitamin A, vitamin B 6, vitamin B 12, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin D, inositol, taurine, folic acid, thiamineriboflavin, niacin, biotin, pantothenic acid, choline, calcium, phosphorous, iodine, iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, manganese, chloride, potassium, sodium, beta-carotene, nucleotides, selenium, chromium, molybdenum, and L-carnitine.

Minerals are usually added in salt form. The composition of the invention optionally comprises one or more natural or artificial flavor carriers to improve palatability. Such ingredients include Baby Würmer Temperatur, raisins, cheese powder, vinegar, salt, sodium bicarbonate.

Schokolade, Vanille, Erdbeer usw. In bars, the composition is usually provided with a chocolate or a flavored coating as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, etc. The composition of the invention optionally comprises also natural or artificial dyes to improve the aesthetic appeal.

The compositions of the invention may exist in multiple physical manifestations such. US-Patente Baby Würmer Temperatur The inventive composition may be prepared by known standard methods of food technology, for example by analogous processes to those described in the following publications: US Patents 4,; 4,; 4,; 4,; 4,; 5, ,; 5, Science and Technology, 3. Minifie, Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York,S. Science and Technology, 3rd Edition, Bernard W. Minifie, Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York,pp ; worauf vollinhaltlich verwiesen wird.

The inventive composition may be sterilized, if desired, by known processes, are manufactured and packaged, for example, by heat treatment such as autoclaving or sterilization or radiation, or with sterile procedure. The inventive composition may be packaged in any type of container or packaging, their suitability for storage of food is known, such as paper, glass, coated paperboard, plastic or coated metal cans. The composition of the invention may be nutritionally balanced.

By the term "nutritionally balanced" is meant that the composition contains adequate nutrients to maintain a healthy human life for extended periods. Textile products, with active compounds of the invention. The finishing of textiles with novel active compounds, is in many respects of interest. So the finishing of textiles found with cooling active compounds especially where use where clothing can come into direct contact with the skin, so that the drug can be prepared by transdermal transfer its effects, eg locally or systemically, unfold.

Aachener Textiltage November Recently it was reported on textiles, the so-called wellness additives, ie substances which promote well-being, are fitted R. Breier bei Katzen behandelt Wellness - Innovative ideas for textile finishing", 31 Aachen Textile Days November A insecticides equipment is again in terms of the protection of materials, such as finishing the Baby Würmer Temperatur against moths, etc.

The basic problem in the finishing of Baby Würmer Temperatur with active ingredients is the connection of the active substance to the textile support, which must ensure the one hand, a permanence of the equipment and on the other hand must be chosen so that the drug does not lose its effect.

To this end, the art Baby Würmer Temperatur various approaches Baby Würmer Temperatur the state. So wurden zB Cyclodextrine zur Anbindung von Wirkstoffen an Textilien vorgeschlagen siehe beispielsweise DE-A und EP-A-0 For example, cyclodextrins have been proposed for linking agents to textiles for example, see DE-A and EP-A Cyclodextrins are cyclic oligosaccharides, which are formed by enzymatic degradation of starch.

A characteristic property Baby Würmer Temperatur the cyclodextrin molecules is their ring structure with largely constant dimensions. Due to their structure, cyclodextrins are able to guest molecules, especially hydrophobic guest molecules to be Baby Würmer Temperatur to include in varying amounts up to saturation.

By amylose the amylose-containing substance of the active ingredient on the fabric is Baby Würmer Temperatur and controlled discharged, so that the effect is maintained over a long period. It is Baby Würmer Temperatur that the active ingredient is similar to reversibly bound, as in cyclodextrins in the formed by the helical conformation of amylose cavities in the sense of an inclusion compound, which on the one hand, a fixation Baby Würmer Temperatur the active agent on the surface of the textile support is achieved, and on the other hand a controlled release is possible.

For the inventive treatment of textiles, in addition to amylose in principle, all substances, in particular amylose starches, ie native starches, modified starches and starch derivatives, suitable whose amylose content wt. Baby Würmer Temperatur starch may be native, eg maize starch, wheat starch, potato starch, sorghum starch, rice starch or arrowroot, be obtained by partial digestion of native starch or chemically modified.

Geeignet ist auch reine Amylose als solche, zB enzymatisch gewonnene Amylose, z. Good, pure amylose as such, for example, obtained by an enzyme amylose, z.

Also suitable are mixtures of amylose and starch, provided that the total amylose content of at least 30 wt. Es versteht sich, dass hier und im Folgenden alle Angaben in Gew. In der Regel wird der Amylosegehalt 90 Gew.

In general, the amylose content of 90 wt. Such substances are known and commercially Baby Würmer Temperatur. In der Regel wird man die amylosehaltige Substanz in einer Menge von nicht mehr als 25 Gew. In general, the amylose-containing substance in an amount of not more than 25 wt. First, the textile material is provided as such with the amylose-containing Baby Würmer Temperatur, and then treating the resultant treated textile with a suitable active compound preparation.

Hierdurch wird die auf dem textilen Material befindliche amylosehaltige Substanz mit dem Wirkstoff beladen.

Thereby, the present on the textile material amylose-containing substance is loaded with the drug. But you can also use the amylose-containing substance together with an agent in order to equip the textile. Here, the active substance and the amylose-containing substance may be used both as a mixture of separate components as well as in the already pre-fabricated shape of the amylose-drug Baby Würmer Temperatur. Usually you will use the active ingredient in an amount sufficient for the desired effect.

The upper limit is determined by the maximum capacity of the amylose of employed amylose-containing substance and is usually 20 wt. If desired, sets the active ingredient usually in an amount of 0. For textile finishing, combinations of inventive agents can communicate with other known per se and are used for textile finishing suitable active compounds.

Further active ingredients are in principle all organic compounds, and mixtures of organic compounds which are known as active ingredients and which induce a physiological effect in living beings such as humans and animals, including microorganisms.

Mention may be made, such agents, which are known to form inclusion complexes with cyclodextrins. The molecular weight of the active compounds is typically below Daltons and Baby Würmer Temperatur in the range of to Dalton. Auflage, Baby Würmer Temperatur Teubner, StuttgartCyclo- dextrine und dort zitierte Literatur Also suitable are inorganic compounds such as hydrogen peroxide, which can be bound in cyclodextrins known see F.

Vogtle, Supramolecular Baby Würmer Temperatur, 2nd Edition, BG Teubner, Stuttgart,cyclodextrins and references cited therein. Other active ingredients include in particular pharmaceutical active ingredients and active ingredients that promote the well-being of living creatures, especially humans, and are commonly referred to Baby Würmer Temperatur "wellness Baby Würmer Temperatur. Anders als bei pharmazeutischen Wirkstoffen muss bei den Wellness-Additiven nicht zwingend eine therapeutische Wirkung gegeben sein.

Unlike pharmaceutical agents a therapeutic Baby Würmer Temperatur must be given in the wellness additives not mandatory. Instead of the welfare-promoting effect may be due to a variety of factors such as Baby Würmer Temperatur, stimulating, cosmetic or other effects. Likewise suitable are organic substances that act against parasitic organisms.

Baby Würmer Temperatur pharmaceutical active substances are those which can be absorbed through the skin are known. These include, for example, ibuprofen, flurbiprofen, aspirin, Acetamidophen, apomorphine, butylated hydroxy toluene, Chamzulen, Gujazulen, chlorthalidone, cholecalciferol, dicumarol, digoxin, diphenylhydantoin, furosemide, hydroflumethiazide, indomethacin, iproniazid phosphate, nitroglycerin, nicotine, nicotinamide, oubain, oxprenolol, papaverine alkaloids such as papaverine, laudanosine, ethaverine and narcotina and berberine, continue Retionol, trans-retinoic acid, Pretinol, spironolactone, sulpiride, theophylline, theobromine, corticosteroids and derivatives such as testosterone, methyl testosterone, cortisone, corticosterone, dexamethasone, triamcinolone, methylprednisolonefludrocortisone, fluocortolone, prednisone, prednisolone, progesterone, including oestrogens and progestogens such as Baby Würmer Temperatur, estriol, ethinyl estradiol 3-methyl ether, ethisterone and norethindrone, and phenethylamine and derivatives such as tyramine, epinephrine, norepinephrine and Baby Würmer Temperatur. Examples of Baby Würmer Temperatur active substances according to Baby Würmer Temperatur invention having activity against parasitic organisms are under www.

Examples of bactericidal and fungicidal substances include: Antibiotioka, zB Cycloheximid, Griseofulvin, Baby Würmer Temperatur, Natamycin, Polyoxin, Streptomycin, Penizillin oder Gentamycin; Antibiotioka, including cycloheximide, griseofulvin, kasugamycin, natamycin, polyoxin, streptomycin, penicillin or gentamicin.

Organische Chlorverbindungen wie z. Chlorhexidin; Organic chlorine compounds such as chlorhexidine. Triazolfungizide wie Azaconazol, Cyproconazol, Diclobutrazol, Baby Würmer Temperatur, Diniconazol, Epoxiconazo, Fenbuconazol, Fluquinconazol, Flusilazol, Flutriafol, Hexaconazol, Metconazol, Propiconazol, Tetraconazol, Tebuconazol und Triticonazol; Triazole fungicides as azaconazole, cyproconazole, diclobutrazol, difenoconazole, diniconazole, Epoxiconazo, fenbuconazole, fluquinconazole, flusilazole, flutriafol, hexaconazole, metconazole, propiconazole, tetraconazole, Baby Würmer Temperatur and triticonazole; Strobilurine wie Dimoxystrobin, Fluoxastrobin, Kresoxim-methyl, Metominostrobin, Orysastrobin, Picoxystrobin, Pyraclostrobin und Trifloxystrobin Sulfonamide wie Tolylfluanid und Diclofluanid; Strobilurins as dimoxystrobin, fluoxastrobin, kresoxim-methyl, metominostrobin, orysastrobin, picoxystrobin, pyraclostrobin and trifloxystrobin sulfonamides as tolylfluanid and dichlofluanid.

Organophosphate wie Acephate, Azamethiphos, Azinphos-methyl, Chlorpyrifos, Chlorpyriphos-methyl, Chlorfenvinphos, Diazinon, Dichlorvos, Dicrotophos, Baby Würmer Temperatur, Disulfoton, Ethion, Fenitrothion, Fenthion, Isoxathion, Malathion, Methamidophos, Methidathion, Methyl-Parathion, Mevinphos, Monocrotophos, Oxydemeton-methyl, Paraoxon, Parathion, Phenthoate, Phosalone, Phosmet, Phosphamidon, Phorate, Organophosphates such as acephate, azamethiphos, azinphos-methyl, chlorpyrifos, chlorpyrifos-methyl, chlorfenvinphos, diazinon, dichlorvos, dicrotophos, dimethoate, disulfoton, ethion, fenitrothion, fenthion, isoxathion, malathion, methamidophos, methidathion, Methyl parathion, mevinphos, monocrotophos, oxydemeton-methyl, paraoxon, parathion, Phenthoate, Phosalone, phosmet, phosphamidon, phorate.

Transfluthrin, Etofenprox, Flufenprox, Halfenprox, Protrifenbute und Silafulfen. Transfluthrin, etofenprox, flufenprox, halfenprox, Protrifenbute and Silafulfen.

Pyrrol- und Pyrazol-Insektizide wie Acetoprole, Ethiprole, Fipronil, Tebufenpyrad, Tolfenpyrad, Chlorfenapyr und Vaniliprole. Pyrrole and pyrazole insecticides such as acetoprole, ethiprole, fipronil, tebufenpyrad, tolfenpyrad, chlorfenapyr and vaniliprole. Examples of repellent active ingredients are in particular anthraquinone, acridine, copper, Butopyronoxyl, dibutyl phthalate, dimethyl phthalate, Baby Würmer Temperatur, ethohexadiol, Hexamide, Methoquin-butyl, N-methyl neodecanamide, camphor, bergamot oil, pyrethrum, clove oil, geranium oil, thyme oil, and especially diethyl m-toluamide, Baby Würmer Temperatur 1-piperidinecarboxylate 2-hydroxyethyl methylpropyl ester Picardin.

Fette, vorzugsweise pflanzlichen Ursprungs, zB Lecithine, Fats, preferably of plant origin, such as lecithin. Wachse tierischen oder planzlichen Ursprungs wie Bienenwachs, Candelillawachs, Sheabutter, Shoreabutter, Mangokernbutter, Japanwachs und dergleichen, Waxes of animal or planzlichen origin such as Baby Würmer Temperatur, candelilla wax, shea butter, shorea butter, mango seed butter, Japan wax and the like.

Tocopherole, Vitamin E, Vitamin A und dergleichen, Vitamins, particularly fat-soluble vitamins, such. As tocopherols, vitamin E, vitamin A and the like. Pflanzenextrakte wie Algenextrakt, Rosskastanienextrakt, Mangoextrakt und derglei- Baby Würmer Temperatur. Plant extracts such as algae extract, horse chestnut extract, mango extract and the like. To improve the wash resistance of the equipment according to the invention it has proven Baby Würmer Temperatur when one fixes the amylose-containing substance with a binder on the fabric.

The please click for source used for a film-forming, water-insoluble polymers and other low molecular weight reactive substances that polymerize under heating, into consideration.

In general, the binder is inserting in an amount such that the weight ratio of amylose-containing substance to water-insoluble polymer in the range from 1: In general, the film-forming polymers are used in the form of an aqueous Baby Würmer Temperatur of finely divided polymer.

The particle size is for the inventive Baby Würmer Temperatur of secondary importance. When the polymeric binder should comprising check this out plurality of polymer components, at least the main component have a glass transition temperature in this range. Preferably, all polymeric components have a glass transition temperature in these areas. The glass transition temperatures are based on the ASTM-D by DSC certain te "midpoint temperature".

In the case of crosslinkable binders, the glass transition temperature refers to the non-crosslinked state. Examples of suitable film-forming polymers based on the following classes of polymers: Copolymere aus Alkylacrylaten und Alkylmethacrylaten ; 2 acrylate resins acrylics: Such polymers are known and commercially available, eg. Aqueous, suitable for conditions Würmer einfachsten Symptome Sitz novel process polyurethane dispersions 1 are in particular those which are used for the coating of textiles see eg.

Schroer, textile finishing 22,pp Stahl, Waalwijk, Niederlande, der Fa. Auflage, Band 5, S. Aqueous polyurethane dispersions are commercially available, eg. Stahl, Waalwijk, Netherlands, the Fa. The film-forming polymers may be self-crosslinking, ie, the polymers have functional groups crosslinkable groups which upon drying of the composition, if appropriate on heating, together, react with the functional groups of the amylose or with a low molecular weight crosslinker by bond formation.

Examples of crosslinkable functional groups include aliphatically bound OH groups, NH-CH 2 -OH groups, carboxylate groups, anhydride groups, capped isocyanate groups, and amino groups.

Frequently, use a polymer that still has free OH groups as reactive groups. The crosslinking can be effected within the polymer by the reaction of complementary reactive functional groups. Preferably, causes crosslinking of the polymer by addition of a crosslinking agent which comprises reactive groups, which are complementary in terms of their reactivity to the functional groups of the crosslinker.

Suitable pairs of functional groups which are have a complementary reactivity known in the Baby Würmer Temperatur. Alkylendiamine wie Hexamethylendiamin, Diethylentriamin, Triethylentetramin, Tetraethylenpentamin, N,N-Bis[ aminopropyl amino]-ethan, 3,6-Dioxaoctandiamin, 3,7- Dioxanonandiamin, 3,6,9-Trioxaundecandiamin oder Jeffamine, 4,4 - Baby Würmer Temperatur or secondary diamines, preferably primary diamines, z.

Hydrogensulfit blockierte Isocyanatgruppen aufweisen. In this case, the ratio of crosslinker is dimensioned to polymeric binder so that the molar ratio of the reactive groups in the polymeric binder total amount of reactive groups ren in the polymerization to the reactive groups in the crosslinker is typically in the range of 1: Typically, the weight ratio of polymeric binder is present calculated as solids to crosslinker Baby Würmer Temperatur the range of Alternatively, for fixing the amylose-containing substance with the water-insoluble polymer may be amylose or the amylose-containing substance with reactive compounds containing at least one, relative to the OH groups of the amylose-reactive group and at least one please click for source functional group which is opposite to the functional groups on the fibers of the textile material, for example, OH groups, NH 2 groups or COOH groups, reactive, fix on the cloth.

To fix the amylose-containing substance also known for fixing of cyclodextrins procedure can be used in an analogous manner, in which one in the present case provides the cyclodextrin or the amylose-containing substance with reactive anchors, for example, by placing them with dicarboxylic acids or dicarboxylic such as maleic acid acid, maleic anhydride, succinic acid, succinic anhydride or adipic acid, with diisocyanates, for.

Reactive anchor can be on the amylose-containing substance by reaction with 1, 3,5-trichlorotriazine, 2,3-dichloro- 5,6-carbonyl chloride and produce Baby Würmer Temperatur Chlordifluorpyrimidin. Furthermore, for fixing the amylose and alkoxysilanes such as diethoxydimethylsilane, dimethoxydimethylsilane, triethoxyphenylsilane, tetraethoxysilane, as well as dimers, trimers and higher condensation products of these compounds.

In this way, can be equipped, that is, not made-up goods and made-up goods in principle, all textile materials. Textile Materialien umfassen hier und im Folgenden Visit web page, Gestricke, Gewirke und Vliese.

Textile materials include here and below tissue, knits and nonwovens. Fiber materials in principle, all for the production of textiles fiber materials customarily used in consideration. These include cotton, wool, hemp, sisal, flax, ramie, polyacrylonitrile fibers, polyester fibers, polyamide fibers, viscose, silk, acetate, triacetate fibers, aramid fibers and the like and mixtures of Baby Würmer Temperatur fiber materials.

Equipping or treating the textile materials with the amylose-containing substance can be carried out in a conventional manner, for example by the methods described in DE-A for the finishing of textiles with cyclodextrins.

Frequently, however, treat the textile material before or after assembly with the amylose-containing substance or a complex of amylose substance and drug. As a rule, is this, treat the fabric with an aqueous liquor containing the amylose-containing substance and, where appropriate, the active compound in sufficient quantity.

Depending on the kind of contract and the desired amount in which the amylose-containing substance is to be applied, the concentration of amylose-containing substance in the liquor in the range of 1 to 40 wt. The type of treatment is of secondary importance and can, for example, as a minimum Baby Würmer Temperatur, for example by spray application, as normal in order Foulard or high humidity job done.

In this case, the textile material is impregnated with the aqueous liquor. Another option for the treatment of the textile with amylose substance or complex of amylose substance and drug is to put a fleet of water, in which the desired amount of amylose substance and optionally drug is included, for example, 0.

The textile material is over a certain period, eg min with the treatment liquor in suitable equipment assemblies eg winch, etc. The liquor ratio is in this case generally in the range of 1: Usually follows the treatment with the liquor by Baby Würmer Temperatur drying process to.

Drying Baby Würmer Temperatur justment in customary devices in made-up products for example by trockentumblen at the temperatures indicated above. For non-assembled goods you will usually lead after the order, the textile material on one or more clamping frames. Provided that the amylose-containing substance is used together with a film-forming polymer, the drying results in a fixation of the amylose-containing substance to the textile fibers.

In general, drying for a period of 1 to 10 minutes is effected, in particular 1 to 2 minutes, with longer drying times are also suitable. For the treatment with learn more here aqueous liquor, it has proved to be advantageous comprises, if the aqueous liquor in addition to the amylose-containing Baby Würmer Temperatur and optionally the active ingredient at least one surfactant or surfactantwhich for dispersing the amylose-containing substance and the active ingredient in the aqueous is suitable fleet.

Preferably, in the surface-active substance to an oligomeric or polymeric dispersing agent. The term oligomeric or polymeric dispersant comprises in contrast to low molecular weight surface-active substances such dispersants whose number-average molecular weight is generally at least 2, daltons, for example 2, to aboutdaltons, and especially in the range of about to 70, daltons is.

Baby Würmer Temperatur general, the aqueous liquor comprises the polymeric or oligomeric dispersant in an amount of 0. Suitable Baby Würmer Temperatur or polymeric dispersants are soluble in water and comprise both neutral and amphoteric water-soluble polymers and cationic and anionic polymers, the latter being preferred. Die bevorzugten anionischen oligomeren bzw. Preferred anionic dispersants are for example carboxylated derivatives of cellulose Baby Würmer Temperatur as carboxymethyl cellulose, homopolymers of ethylenically unsaturated C 3 -C 8 monocarboxylic and C 4 -C 8 - dicarboxylic acids, such as acrylic acid, the methacrylic acid, maleic acid, Baby Würmer Temperatur acid, copolymers of at least two different ethylenically unsaturated C 3 -C 8 monocarboxylic and C 4 - C 8 dicarboxylic acids as mentioned above, and copolymers of at least one of the aforementioned ethylenically unsaturated C 3 -C 8 mono- or C 4 -C 8 dicarboxylic acid with at least one neutral comonomers.

Also preferred are homopolymers of ethylenically unsaturated sulfonic acids such as styrene and acrylamidopropanesulfonic and their copolymer with the abovementioned comonomers.

Karasu Fotos the copolymers, the proportion of the ethylenically unsaturated acid is usually at least 20 wt.

Copolymers of at least one of the aforementioned acids and at least one comonomer are known for Baby Würmer Temperatur purpose and are commercially available, for example, the copolymers of acrylic acid and maleic acid as Baby Würmer Temperatur grades from BASF AG. Likewise preferred anionic dispersants are phenolsulfonic-formaldehyde condensates and naphthalene-formaldehyde condensates for example, the Tamol- and Setamol brands from BASF and lignosulphonates.

Useful dispersants are also low molecular weight anionic, nonionic, ka-ionic, ampholytic and zwitterionic surfactants. Geeignete Tenside sind zB die Alkalimetall- Ammonium- Baby Würmer Temperatur Aminsalze von C 8 -C 18 -Alkylsulfaten, wie Natriumlaurylsulfat; Suitable surfactants are the alkali metal, ammonium or amine salts of C8 -C18 alkyl sulfates Baby Würmer Temperatur as sodium lauryl sulfate; C 8 -C 18 -Alkylsulfonaten, wie Dodecylsulfonat; C 8 -C 18 alkyl sulfonates, such as dodecyl Baby Würmer Temperatur C 8 -C 18 -Alkylethersulfaten; C 8 -C 18 alkyl ether sulphates; sowie C 8 -C 18 - Alkylethoxylate; and C 8 -C 18 - alkyl ethoxylates; Polyoxyethylensorbitanester; polysorbate; C 8 -C 18 -Alkylglycinate; C8-C18 -Alkylglycinate; C 8 -C 18 - C 8 -C 18.

Alkyldimethylaminoxide; alkyldimethylamine; Betaine etc. Bevorzugt sind die Alkylsulfate und Alkylsulfonate.

Preferably, the alkyl sulfates and alkylsulfonates are. If the amylose-containing substance is not used in conjunction with a film-forming, water-insoluble polymer, the fabric can be treated in a separate step with the polymer. Insbesondere erfolgt die Behandlung gemeinsam mit der amylosehaltigen Substanz.

In particular, the treatment is carried out together with the amylose-containing substance. Accordingly, a particular embodiment relates to a method, wherein the aqueous liquor additionally comprises a dispersed, film-forming, water-insoluble polymer of the type indicated above. The amount of film-forming polymer is chosen so that the weight ratio of amylose-containing substance to water-insoluble polymer in the range from 1: The equipment of the textile with the active substance can take place in a separate operation or in one operation together with Baby Würmer Temperatur equipment Baby Würmer Temperatur the amylose-containing substance.

If one equips the textile in a separate operation with the active ingredient, it is expediently also treat the fabric with an aqueous liquor of the active ingredient.

For this purpose, one is the active ingredient, which is not usually soluble in water, emulsifying usually in water or dispersed, optionally with the use of suitable surface-active substances. Suitable surfactants are, in particular, the aforementioned low molecular weight surfactants, and among these preferably the nonionic surfactants, particularly polyoxyethylene sorbitan esters, esters of mono- or oligosaccharides with C 6 -C 18 - fatty acids and particularly preferably C8-C18 alkyl ethoxylates, especially those having a degree of ethoxylation in the range of 6 to As a read article, the von Distel Würmern liquor contains the active substance in an amount of 0, 1 to 10 wt.

The amount of surfactant is generally in the range of 0. The application of the active ingredient from an aqueous liquor can read more place with the customary methods, for example by means of a pad. But you can also carry out the equipment with drug and substance amylose in a single operation.

Here you can basically proceed as described for the equipment with the amylose-containing substance, wherein the aqueous liquor of the amylose-containing substance now in addition to at least contains an active ingredient. Der Wirkstoff kann dabei separat der Flotte zugegeben werden oder in Form einer Einschlussverbindung, dh in Form eines Wirt-Gast-Komplexes mit der amylosehaltigen Substanz.

The active ingredient may be separately added to the fleet or in the form of an inclusion compound, ie. The inventive method can be used to equip any fabrics, Baby Würmer Temperatur woven, Baby Würmer Temperatur and nonwoven fabrics and the like. The type of textile material depends primarily Baby Würmer Temperatur the intended application.

The textiles to be equipped can be and to ready-made products such as clothing, including underwear and outerwear such as shirts, pants, jackets, outdoor, Trecking- and military equipment, roofs, tents, nets, eg Insektensch utznetze and Baby Würmer Temperatur, towels Bath towels, bed linen and the like.

Similarly, the equipment Baby Würmer Temperatur the raw material in bale or roll form can be carried out. The agents with equipped against parasitic organisms such as insects and acarids textiles are suitable in addition to the protection of people and especially in animal protection to protect against ticks, mites, fleas and the like.

Geeignet sind auch Glasfasern sowie Mischungen der vorgenannten Fasermaterialien mit Glasfasern z. Also suitable are glass fibers and mixtures of the aforementioned fiber materials with glass fibers eg.

With an amylose-based drug design described above, the active ingredients remain even after several washes in the textiles finished therewith. In addition, the so finished textiles are characterized by a pleasant Baby Würmer Temperatur, which is particularly important for the comfort of made of these textiles Clothing advantageous.

The active compounds can be used advantageously for the production of tobacco products. Examples of such tobacco products, cigars, cigarettes, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, and Baby Würmer Temperatur. The active compounds are also suitable in an advantageous manner for the production of packaging materials. Die Herstellung erfolgt dabei ebenfalls in an sich bekannter Weise. The preparation is carried out also in a conventional manner.

The active compounds can be in the packaging material, in free or encapsulated form, for example, incorporated or on the packaging material, be applied in free or encapsulated form. So are accordingly treated plastic packaging materials as indicated in the literature for the production of polymer films produced eg Ullmann, 6th Edn, Die Herstellung in geeigneter Weise beschichteter Papiere ist Baby Würmer Temperatur bekannt und zB beschrieben in Ullmann, Vol.

Wirkstoffkombinationen The preparation suitably coated papers is also known and described for example in Ullmann, Vol. Menthol und Mentholderivate zB L-Menthol, D-Menthol, racemisches Menthol, Isomenthol, Neoisomenthol, Neomenthol Menthylether zB l-Menthoxy -1 ,2-propandiol, l-Menthoxy methyl-1 ,2-propandiol, I- Menthyl-methyletherMenthylester zB Menthylformiat, Menthylacetat, Menthylisobutyrat, Menthyllactate, L-Menthyl-L-Iactat, L-Menthyl-D-Iactat, Menthyl- 2-methoxy acetat, Menthyl- 2- Baby Würmer Temperatur acetat, MenthylpyroglutamatMenthylcarbonate zB The cooling inventive active ingredients, in particular the table 0 see below may preferably be combined with the following cooling active ingredients: Menthylether zB l-Menthoxy -1 ,2-propandiol, l-Menthoxy methyl-1 ,2-propandiolpolarere Menthylester zB Menthyllactate, L-Menthyl-L-Iactat, L-Menthyl-D-Iactat, Menthyl- 2-methoxy acetat, Menthyl- 2- methoxyethoxy acetat, MenthylpyroglutamatMenthylcarbonate zB The cooling active ingredients according to the invention, in particular those of the Table 0 see belowcan be particularly preferably combined with the following cooling active ingredients: Menthylether for example l-menthoxy -1, 2-propanediol, l-menthoxy methyl-12-propanediolmore polar menthyl esters for example Menthyllactate, L-menthyl L-lactate, L-menthyl D-lactate, menthyl 2-methoxy acetate, menthyl 2-methoxyethoxy acetate, Menthylpyroglutamat Menthylcarbonate eg.

The statements referred to throughout this chapter 4 and Baby Würmer Temperatur also apply to the specific part of the invention Section 6 unless otherwise stated. Spezieller Teil der Erfindung Baby Würmer Temperatur. More specifically, part of the invention. As implied above relates to the specific part of the invention, the use of very special compounds TRPM8 receptor modulators to create a long-lasting physiological cooling action on the skin or mucosa.

Der spezielle Teil der Erfindung betrifft ferner Mischungen und Zubereitungen Mitteldie spezielle solche Verbindungen umfassen. The special part of the invention furthermore relates to mixtures or preparations Intermediatewhich comprise specific such compounds. Both individual components and mixtures can be used as physiological cooling agents.

It should be noted that not all compounds that affect sen in vitro receptors also are involved in mediating a physiological cooling Baby Würmer Temperatur, actually produce such an effect in vivo on the skin or mucous membranes. Insbesondere wird ein solcher Effekt nicht immer identisch verlaufen. In particular, such an effect is not always been the same. This means for example, that the strength of the mediated physiological cooling action and the course of the strength of the cooling effect against time can be inferred from the fact not alone, that a certain compound is a Argonist a receptor involved in the mediation of a cooling impression is.

The best known physiologically active cooling active ingredient is L-menthol, but this has some drawbacks, eg. It was therefore sought earlier after strong cooling active ingredients which do not have the adverse properties of I-menthol.

For example, lactic acid esters of menthol s according to DE and mixed carbonates with menthol s and Baby Würmer Temperatur have been described in DE 4, and EP 0 menthone according th. Menthylmonoester of diacids according to US 5, and US 5, are indeed interesting naturally occurring alternatives, but can not reach the Baby Würmer Temperatur of the previously described cooling active ingredients in sensory tests.

L-menthanecarbonyl Baby Würmer Temperatur ethyl ester "WS5" were considered the strongest cooling found ingredients. So many falling under the class of menthane molecules are indeed strongly cooling, they frequently simultaneously exhibit marked bitter notes for Baby Würmer Temperatur the menthane carboxylic acid-N- alkyloxyalkyl amides by JP However, these have the disadvantage of being strongly bitter with strong cooling effect and high hydrolytic stability, and they are thus not in food and also in facial care cosmetic products for.

Furthermore Menthylglyoxylate and their hydrates click at this page been described in JP as cooling substances.

Overviews of here cooling active ingredients previously produced and used to be found in M. Die anzugebenden Verbindungen bzw. Baby Würmer Temperatur particulars to be compounds or mixtures of compounds should preferably exhibit the weakest possible intrinsic flavor, in particular should taste slightly or not at all bitter and not possible irritancy. Tabelle 0 Table 0.

Die Benennung der Verbindungen lauten wie folgt: The naming of the compounds are as follows: LN 10 LN LN 13 LN Cyclopentyl- 5-methoxypyridinyl-pyrimidinyl Baby Würmer Temperatur LN 17 Cyclopentyl- 5-methoxypyridinyl-pyrimidinyl -anriin LN Cyclobutyl- 5-methoxypyridinyl-pyrimidinyl -anriine LN 20 Cyclobutyl 5-methoxypyridinyl-pyrimidinyl -anriine LN Cyclobutyl- 5-ethylpyridinyl-pyrimidinyl -amine LN 21 Cyclobutyl 5-ethylpyridinyl-pyrimidinyl amines LN Cyclopentyl- 5-ethylpyridinyl-pyrimidinyl -amine LN 22 Cyclopentyl- 5-ethylpyridinyl-pyrimidinyl amines LN LN 24 LN LN 25 LN LN 29 LN LN 30 LN If differences between the name and designation of each formula image should exist, the statement of the formula image will prevail.

For achieving the object of the invention primarily products containing active substances were sought which can provide a particularly long-lasting cooling sensation. Show on the oral mucosa, the above-mentioned conventional, well-known in the prior art cooling substances all more or less identical cooling behavior. Baby Würmer Temperatur they convey cooling fresh sensation continues after about 0.

Among consumers, but there is a desire for a particular long-lasting cooling effect, which is connected to the user with a corresponding lack of freshness and well-being. It has been found, surprisingly, that in particular in the listed in the table 0 th compounds have the common feature of achieving a particularly long cooling effect on the skin or mucosa in vivo.

This was predictable, neither for the mentioned in this application TRPM8 agonist, yet it applies to all of these agonists. Until now, in the prior art no findings that Baby Würmer Temperatur compounds from the table 0 to impart a cooling effect at all are capable. To quantify the long-lasting cooling effect, comparative experiments are performed with ethylamide menthanecarboxylic acid-N.

For Baby Würmer Temperatur comparative experiments, the skilled person exchanges the invention used according to the compound or compounds by menthanecarboxylic acid-N- ethylamide also WS3 in the same concentration. Then, the cooling effects of the respective agents, as demonstrated in the Baby Würmer Temperatur example of toothpaste, der Gewinde oder Wurm fand with each other.

Insofar as the present invention compounds to be employed the compounds from Table 0 is be examined at a concentration higher than ppm are included, it is preferred that for the evaluation of whether the cooling effect with respect to WS3 is extended, the tested agent so Baby Würmer Temperatur dilute that the Baby Würmer Temperatur to be employed according to the invention are present Table 0 at a concentration of ppm.

Of course, the same dilution step should be carried out also for the comparative Baby Würmer Temperatur comprising WS3. The inventively used compounds for the particular aspect of the invention the compound of Table 0 can optionally be used as isomer , racemates or pure enantiomers.

The inventively Baby Würmer Temperatur compounds Baby Würmer Temperatur synthetically accessible in a conventional manner.

Eine Reihe von Herstellungsbeispielen finden sich weiter hinten in diesem Text. A number of preparation examples can be found later in this text. Surprisingly, the compounds according to invention the compounds of Table 0 hardly other trigeminal effects such as spiciness, tingling or numbness and are not bitter. At the same time, the inventive compounds within the usual formulations and preparation conditions in the range from pH 1 to pH 12, in particular in the range of pH 4 to pH 9, with respect to preparations containing water, hydrolysis, so that compounds and mixtures in preparations according to the invention long are preserved, so that the respective formulation is self preserving.

Verbindung der Formel 2, 5, 9 oder 23 Compound Baby Würmer Temperatur formula 2, 5, Baby Würmer Temperatur or Wasser qs 1 Liter Water qs 1 liter. It should be noted that the differentiation between the compounds of Group B and the compounds of group C is owed only formal patent law, but not the technical aspects. Dabei setzt sich dieser Bereich insbesondere aus folgenden Unterbereichen zusammen: In this case, Baby Würmer Temperatur area is particular for the following sub-fields: Bevorzugte Konzentrationsbereiche, bezogen auf das Gesamtgewicht der Zubereitung bzw.

Preferred concentration ranges, based on the total weight of the formulation or of the agent are the following, wherein the concentration ranges in the order listed in each case relative to the preceding enumeration front member being more preferred: An advantage of the inventive compositions, especially those in the preferred variant, they are able to provide a long-lasting cooling effect on the skin or mucous membranes without the according to invention compounds the compounds of Table 0 the intended use of Baby Würmer Temperatur particular means prevent or restrict.

In this context it should Baby Würmer Temperatur noted that the compositions of the invention according to the specific part of the invention in the description of the general part of the invention Baby Würmer Temperatur particular Chapters applies likewise described.

Particularly preferred variants of the inventive agents according to the specific part of the invention are described further in this chapter. More preferably, Baby Würmer Temperatur means comprises one or more further substances having a physiological cooling effect without taste effect. This avoids that with the compositions of the invention, for example, only flavorings can be obtained with a minty flavor character. In particular, such compositions of the invention, the last-named the own components 2 and 3 contain both a pleasant cooling effect and a balanced organoleptic profile with a simultaneously elevated Baby Würmer Temperatur, ie high taste first impression.

In this context it should be noted that the terms "agent" and "preparation" can be used interchangeably. However, it is preferred that a preparation by means of a work Baby Würmer Temperatur has to be produced, the proceeds, mere Baby Würmer Temperatur of the individual compounds addition. Ein solcher Arbeitsschritt kann zum Beispiel zum Erzeugen einer Suspension oder einer Emulgierung dienen. Such a step can be used for example to produce a suspension or emulsification.

Preferred inventive compositions comprise conventional basic materials, auxiliary substances and additives for Baby Würmer Temperatur, oral hygiene or consumption for pleasure or pharmaceutical or cosmetic preparations. Preferred preparations according to the invention contain 0. Furthermore, the compositions according to the invention water can contain 5 Baby Würmer Temperatur 80 wt. Examples of natural raw materials are, for example: Examples of common flavorings are: Anethol, Menthol, Menthon, Isomenthon, Menthylacetat, Menthofuran, Menthylmethylether, Mintlacton, Eucalyptol, Limonen, Eugenol, Pinen, Sabinenhydrat, 3-Octanol, Carvon, gamma- Octalacton, gamma-Nonalacton, Germacren-D, Viridiflorol, 1 ,3E,5Z-Undecatrien, Isopulegol, Piperiton, 2-Butanon, Ethylformiat, 3-Octylacetat, Isoamylisovalerianat, Hexanol, Hexanal, cis Hexenol, Linalool, alpha-Terpineol, eis und trans Carvylacetat, p-Cymol, Thymol, 4,8-Dimethyl- 3,7-nonadienon, Damascenon, Damascone, Rosenoxid, Dimethylsulfid, Fenchol, Acetaldehyddiethylacetal, cisHeptenal, Isobutyraldehyd, Isovaleraldehyd, Baby Würmer Temperatur, Anisaldehyd, Methylsalicylat, Myrtenylacetat, 8-Ocimenylacetat, 2-Phenylethylalkohol, 2- Phenylethylisobutyrat, 2-Phenylethylisovalerat, Zimtaldehyd, Geraniol, Nerol.

Anethole, menthol, menthone, iso-menthone, menthyl acetate, Menthofuran, menthyl methyl ether, mint lactone, eucalyptol, limonene, eugenol, pinene, sabinene, 3-octanol, carvone, gamma octalactone, gamma nonalactone, germacrene- D, Viridiflorol, 1, 3E, 5Z-undecatriene, isopulegol, piperitone, 2-butanone, ethyl formate, 3-octyl acetate, Isoamylisovalerianat, hexanol, hexanal, Baby Würmer Temperatur, linalool, alpha-terpineol, cis and trans Carvylacetat, p-cymene, thymol, 4.

In the case of chiral compounds the said flavoring substances can be present as a racemate, as individual enantiomer or as enantiomerically Baby Würmer Temperatur mixtures. According to Baby Würmer Temperatur invention particularly preferred that the Baby Würmer Temperatur of the invention according to the particular aspect of the click at this page is a toothpaste.

Tabelle N Table N. These listed in Table N compounds had not been described before and meet in particular the special aspect of the present invention. Other aspects of the present invention will become apparent from the examples and the appended claims which follow. The examples serve only to illustrate the invention, without thereby limiting it. Sofern nicht anders angegeben, beziehen sich alle Angaben auf das Gewicht. Unless otherwise stated, all data relate to the weight.

The active ingredients used according to the structural types 1, 2 and 3 are either known compounds or can be prepared similarly to known synthetic methods by those Baby Würmer Temperatur in the art of organic synthesis.

In the following experimental part various synthetic methods for a representative cross section are described inventive agents. The invention will now be described by the following, non-limiting embodiments. Experimenteller Teil, Beispiele 8. The following examples serve to illustrate the invention. Baby Würmer Temperatur Menganangaben angegeben sind, handelt es sich im Zweifelsfall um Gew. Unless Menganangaben are given, it is in doubt to wt. Referenzbeispiel 1 - Klonierung von humanem TRPM8 Reference Example 1 - Cloning of Human TRPM8.

The starting point for the cloning of the human TRPM8 receptor is a LnCaP cDNA library. Firma BioChain, Hayward, USA oder aus der androgensensitiven humanen Prostata-Adenokarzinomzelllinie LnCaP zB ATCC, CRL oder ECACC, 1 unter Verwendung von Standardkits herstellbar. This is for example commercially available eg. Company BioChain, Hayward, USA or from the androgen-sensitive human prostate adenocarcinoma cell line LnCaP eg ATCC, CRL or Baby Würmer Temperatur, 1 using standard kits manufactured.

Die kodierende TRPM8 Sequenz vgl Fig. Alternativ dazu kann das TRPM8 Gen auch synthetisch hergestellt werden. Alternatively, the TRPM8 gene also be produced synthetically. Referenzbeispiel Baby Würmer Temperatur - Generierung read article HEKTestzellen Reference Example 2 - Generation of HEK cells Test.

Als Testzellsystem wurde mit der humanen TRPM8 DNA vgl obiges Plasmid plnd-M8 stabil transfizierte HEK Zelllinie hergestellt. The test cell system with the human TRPM8 DNA see the above plasmid pInd-M8 stably transfected HEK cell line produced. Preference is given HEK which offers more than the introduced plasmid the possibility of inducing the TRPM8 expression by tetracycline. Methoden zur Herstellung geeigneter Testzellsysteme sind dem Fachmann bekannt.

Methods for preparing suitable test cell systems are known in the art. So you can see the production of the cells used according to the information in Behrendt HJ. Referenzbeispiel 3- Assay auf TRPM8 Modulatoren Reference Example 3 Assay on TRPM8 modulators. Es wird ein Test, vergleichbar mit dem bereits in der Literatur beschrieben Test von Behrendt HJ et al.

A test, similar to the already described in the literature test of Behrendt HJ et al. First produced in a conventional manner in cell culture flasks a fresh culture of transformed HEK cells. The following day, the cells are loaded with Fluo-4AM dye and the test is performed.

Dazu wird wie folgt vorgegangen: For this purpose, proceed as follows: The evaluation shows that, surprisingly, the present invention first Agomisten could be provided by TRPM8, which are structurally different from previously known agonist such as - menthol, and other Icilin by Behrendt HJ et al. Herstellunqsbeispiele a Herstellunqsbeispiele for compounds of structure type 1 The preparation of representative compounds of formula I is described in the following section.

The various requisite starting materials are likewise known or obtainable by known processes. Zur Herstellung von Verbindungen vom Typ V-1 siehe Akhrem ei al. For the preparation of compounds of type V-1 see Akhrem ei al. In Journal of Organic Chemistry of the USSR, Akhrem ei al. Herstellung Baby Würmer Temperatur Verbindung Preparation Example Preparation of Compound Die herstellung erfolgt dabei nach folgendem Schema: The production takes place according to the following scheme: A mixture of 40, 1 g 0.

The residue is taken up in ml of toluene and 31 Baby Würmer Temperatur of Baby Würmer Temperatur, the mixture is heated to reflux and slowly cooled to room temperature. Die entstandene Suspension wird filtriert. The resulting suspension is filtered.

The filter residue is washed with 50 ml of toluene and sucked dry. This gives the Dion V-1 In see more reactor, 21, submitted 4 g of water and Nach Abklingen der Exothermie werden 9,3 g 0, mol Ethandithiol zugegeben.

After the exothermic reaction has subsided, 9. The mixture is stirred at Baby Würmer Temperatur temperature for 17 hours. It is filtered, separated, the aqueous phase and the organic phase washed again with g of water. Die Suspension wird filtriert und der Filterkuchen mit 15 ml Toluol gewaschen. The suspension is filtered and the filter cake washed with 15 ml of toluene. The filter is rinsed with 15 ml hot toluene. Die Suspension wird filtriert und der Filterkuchen mit wenig kaltem Toluol nachgewaschen.

The suspension is filtered and the filter cake with a little cold toluene. Herstellung von Verbindung Baby Würmer Temperatur -4 Preparation Example H1 Preparation of Compound 1 The reaction mixture is cooled to Baby Würmer Temperatur and treated with The mixture is stirred for 5 min at RT, the organic phase is separated and washed twice more with water.

Die organische Phase wird eingeengt Baby Würmer Temperatur mehrmals mit Isopropanol versetzt und wieder aufkonzentriert. The organic phase is concentrated and treated several times with isopropanol and concentrated again. Herstellung von 1 -2 Preparation Example H1 Preparation Baby Würmer Temperatur 1 The mixture is heated for 2 h to reflux.

There are added 98 ml of toluene and heated to reflux. The filter cake is washed with 25 ml of toluene and subsequently dried under nitrogen stream to obtain Behandlung Würmer während ihre der Schwangerschaft und desired compound. The aqueous phase is separated and the organic phase is Baby Würmer Temperatur once more with 16 Baby Würmer Temperatur of water.

Die organische Phase wird einrotiert und das Rohprodukt mit 50 ml Isopropanol versetzt. The organic phase is evaporated and the crude product was added with 50 ml of isopropanol. Es wird filtriert und der Filterkuchen mit 10 ml Isopropanol gewaschen. It is filtered and the filter cake washed with 10 ml of isopropanol.

Der Filterkuchen wird im Stickstoffstrom getrocknet. The filter cake is dried in a stream of nitrogen. It will run in the bottom and then distilled again portionwise ml of isopropanol. Herstellung von Verbindung 1 -5 Preparation Example H1 Preparation of compound 1 The reaction mixture is treated with Die Baby Würmer Temperatur Phase wird abgetrennt und noch zweimal mit Wasser gewaschen. The organic phase is separated and washed twice more with water.

The organic phase is evaporated and then repeatedly treated with isopropanol and concentrated again. Herstellung von Verbindung 1 -8 Preparation Example H1 Herstellun von Verbindung 1 -3 Production Example H1 Herstellun of compound 1 The mixture is heated to reflux for 24, cooled to room temperature and treated with Die entstandene Suspension wird filtriert und der Filterkuchen 2 x mit je 10 ml Toluol gewaschen.

The resulting suspension is filtered and the filter cake is washed 2 x with 10 ml of toluene. The filter cake is dried in a stream of nitrogen, 5 to Baby Würmer Temperatur the desired compound. The mixture is stirred at room temperature for 40 h.

Subsequently, 1, 1 g of activated charcoal added, it is stirred for one hour and filtered. Here a Festoff precipitates, which is filtered off. The filter cake is washed with toluene and MeOH and dried in a nitrogen stream to obtain the desired compound. Herstellung von Verbindung 1 -6 Preparation Example H1 Der ausgefallene Feststoff wird abgesaugt. The precipitated solid is removed by suction. From the filtrate, the aqueous phase is separated and the organic phase is Baby Würmer Temperatur on a rotary evaporator.

The solid is mixed with ml Nach wie viele sterben Würmer und and 70 ml of isopropanol is distilled off via a Vigreux column again. The solid is filtered off, washed with a little cold isopropanol, and dried to yield the desired compound.

Herstellung von Verbindung 1 -7 Preparation Example H1 The organic phase is separated and washed successively with 50 ml aqueous sodium bicarbonate solution and 50 ml of water.

The organic phase is concentrated and columned on silica gel chromatography with DCM THF as the eluent, to obtain the desired compound. Die verschiedenen dazu erforderlichen Ausgangsstoffe bzw.

The various requisite starting materials or intermediate compound are likewise known or accessible by known processes. Med Chem,33 4 Chem Soc, Herstellung von Verbindung W. For the preparation of the amidine-C Picolinnitril is 90 mmol of in methanol and treated at room temperature with 0.

The mixture is stirred overnight at room temperature. There are 1, added 13 eq Ammouniumchlorid and it is heated at sind pinworms Foto Behandlung for 5 h.

For the preparation of the enolate D 23 g 2. The mixture is stirred overnight at room temperature and ml of THF distilled off under vacuum. It is hydrolyzed and cooled with water. HCl auf pH eingestellt und mit Dichlormethan extrahiert. HCl and extracted with dichloromethane. The combined aqueous phases are concentrated on a rotary evaporator and the residue is stirred with diisopropyl ether.

It is filtered and the crystals dried in a nitrogen stream to obtain the desired compound. The excess POCl 3 is removed by distillation. It is cooled and the residue is mixed with dichloromethane. Es wird mit Wasser hydrolysiert und der Ansatz mit NaOH basisch gestellt. It is hydrolyzed with water and put the Baby Würmer Temperatur with NaOH alkaline. The organic phase is separated and the aqueous phase extracted twice more with dichloromethane. The combined organic phases are dried over sodium sulfate, filtered and evaporated on a rotary evaporator.

The aqueous phase is extracted 2 x with toluene and washed the combined organic phase 2 times with a little water. The organic phase is dried over sodium sulfate, filtered and concentrated on a rotary evaporator. The product is recrystallized from MTBE to obtain the desired compound.

Herstellung von Verbindung Preparation Example H A solution of 4 g 47 mmol of cyclopentylamine in 2-methyltetrahydrofuran is added with 5 g of Compound A and 4 h heated to reflux. It is cooled to room temperature and hydrolyzed the approach. The aqueous phase is basified with aqueous NaOH and the organic phase separated. The organic phase is washed once with water and then concentrated on a rotary evaporator.

A solution of 1, 7 g 19 mmol of S aminomethylbutane in 2-methyltetrahydrofuran is added with 2 g of Compound Baby Würmer Temperatur and heated to reflux for 20 h. The crude product is chromatographed over silica gel to yield the desired compound. A solution of 2, 1 g The organic phase is washed once with water and then concentrated on a rotary evaporator to yield the desired compound. The heating is switched off and the mixture is stirred for 68 hours.

The mixture is concentrated on a rotary evaporator and add 50 g of water and 0. The aqueous phase is extracted 2 x with dichloromethane, the combined organic phases are evaporated and the residue is crystallized from a mixture of 5 ml MTBE and 15 ml of n-heptane. For the preparation of the amidine-C Picolinnitril is 90 mmol of in methanol and dissolved at room temperature with 0. The mixture is stirred overnight at room temperature and the mixture evaporated.

There are ml of MTBE is added, it will briefly stirred and the phases are separated. The organic phase is discarded and the aqueous phase is treated with 6. The aqueous phase is extracted three times with 67 ml dichloromethane. Die organische Phase wird einrotiert und wieder in MTBE aufgenommen. The organic phase is evaporated and taken up in MTBE.

The MTBE phase is washed with Baby Würmer Temperatur and treated with 1, 2 eq aqueous NaOH. The aqueous phase is separated, brought with acetic acid to pH 7 and extracted with MTBE. The MTBE phase is dried over sodium sulfate, filtered and concentrated by rotary evaporation.

Es wird aus n-Heptan kristallisiert. It is visit web page from n-heptane. The mixture is heated for 1 h at reflux. The excess phosphorus oxychloride is distilled off under vacuum and the residue taken up in dichloromethane. Es werden 42 ml Wasser zugegeben und mit NaOH auf pH 7 eingestellt. There are 42 ml of water and titrated with NaOH to pH. It is filtered and the filtrate concentrated by rotary evaporation to yield the desired compound.

A A Baby Würmer Temperatur A mixture of 1, 6 g 7. Der Ansatz wird einrotiert und mit Wasser, 1 ,33 eq NaOH und Dichlormethan versetzt. The mixture is evaporated and water is added, 1, 33 eq NaOH and dichloromethane. The aqueous phase is separated and extracted once more with dichloromethane. The combined organic phases are dried over sodium sulfate, filtered and concentrated by rotary evaporation.

The residue is extracted with hot MTBE and the suspension is then cooled Baby Würmer Temperatur room temperature. It is added Baby Würmer Temperatur water to a clear solution is obtained. It is cooled to room temperature and the precipitated crystals are filtered off with suction.

Herstellun von Verbindung Preparation Example H Herstellun of compound It is cooled to room temperature and the solution is evaporated. The einrotierte oil is stirred with 5 ml EtOAc and the gebildetet crystallizate is suctioned off. The preparation of Prävention von Würmern bei Kindern Medizin compounds of the structure type 2 of the formula III is described in the following section.

The various requisite starting materials of the general formula C-III and B-III are also known or accessible by known processes.

The reaction is carried out for example in a non-polar organic solvent in the presence of an acid scavenger. Herstellung von E -N-Cyclohexyl-N-pyridinylm-tolyl- acrylamid, Verbindung Preparation Example H Preparation of E -N-cyclohexyl-N-pyridinylm-tolyl acrylamide, compound Toluene and excess thionyl chloride are removed under vacuum. A solution of 5. Es wird mit Wasser hydrolyiert und die organische Phase mit Wasser, 1 N NaOH und nochmals mit Wasser gewaschen.

It is hydrolyiert with water and the organic phase washed with water, 1N NaOH and again with water. The organic phase is evaporated and the residue from MTBE crystallized.

The crystallized solid is drained, washed with MTBE and dried to yield Baby Würmer Temperatur desired compound. Herstellung von E Baby Würmer Temperatur acrylamid, Verbindung Preparation Example H Preparation of E benzo [1,3] dioxolyl-N, N-diphenyl-acrylamide, compound The mixture is then heated to boiling temperature and excess thionyl chloride and toluene are distilled off.

It is filtered hot and evaporated. The residue is crystallized from isopropanol. Herstellung von E -N,N-Dicyclohexyl 4-methoxy-phenyl - acrylamid, Verbindung Yield: Preparation of E Baby Würmer Temperatur, N-dicyclohexyl 4-methoxy-phenyl - acrylamide, compound Herstellung von E Benzo[1,3]dioxolyl-N-cyclohexyl-N- isopropyl-acrylamid, Verbindun Preparation Example H Preparation of E benzo [1,3] dioxolyl-N-cyclohexyl-N-isopropyl-acrylamide, Verbindun The mixture is stirred at RT for 1 h.

Then a solution of 4. The crystallized solid is filtered off with suction at room temperature, washed with n-heptane and dried to yield the desired compound. Herstellung von E -N-Cyclohexyl-N-pyridinylp-tolyl- acrylamid, Verbindung Yield: Preparation of E -N-cyclohexyl-N-pyridinylp-tolyl acrylamide, compound A solution of 6. Es wird mit Wasser hydrolyiert und 2-Methyltetrahydrofuran zugesetzt.

It is hydrolyiert Baby Würmer Temperatur water and added to 2-methyltetrahydrofuran. Die organische Phase wird abgetrennt und mit Wasser, 1 N NaOH und nochmals mit Wasser gewaschen. The organic phase is separated and washed with water, 1N NaOH and again with water. The crystallized solid is sucked off, washed with MTBE and dried to yield the desired compound. Herstellung von E -N-Cyclohexyl-3,N-diphenyl-acrylamid, Verbindung Preparation Example H Preparation of E -N-Cyclohexyl-3, N-diphenyl-acrylamide, compound A solution of 9, 1 g 0.

The organic phase is separated and washed with water, 1 N hydrochloric acid, 1 N NaOH and again with water. The crystallized solid is drained, washed with n-heptane and dried to yield the desired connection. Herstellung von E Benzo[1,3]dioxolyl-N-cyclohexyl-N- pyridinyl-acrylamid, Verbindung Preparation Example H Preparation of E benzo [1,3] dioxolyl-N-cyclohexyl-N-pyridinyl-acrylamide, compound The organic phase is filtered, concentrated by rotary evaporation and the residue crystallized from toluene.

Suitable mouthwash mouthwashes Baby Würmer Temperatur be prepared according to the following basic formulation: Ein Mundwasser folgender Zusammensetzung wird hergestellt: A mouthwash following composition is prepared: Zahnpasta Formulation Example FM Suitable toothpastes can be prepared according to the following basic formulation: Kaugummi Formulation Example FM Suitable chewing gum can be prepared according to the following basic formulation: Haarwasser Formulation Example FK Phase B Baby Würmer Temperatur stir until everything has dissolved, adjust the pH to pH 7.

Haargel Formulation Example 2 FK-Hair Gel. Die Komponenten der Phase A einwiegen und homogenisieren.

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Приветствую всех читателей моих отзывов! Я, как и многие, являюсь поклонницей Алиэкспресса и довольно часто совершаю там покупки. По большей часи я довольна заказами, но бывают и сомнительные Baby Würmer Temperatur, которые можно было и не делать Шаря на просторах Алиэкспресса, я набрела на такую интересную штуковину как Электронный соска-термометр "Baby Temp" и решила конечно же прикупить для своего крохи.

О данной штуковине и пойдет мой отзыв. Стоил от тогда да наверно Baby Würmer Temperatur Москве сейчас ночь, а у нас Baby Würmer Temperatur утро. Мне не спится, так же как и малышу, который совсем недавно у нас Baby Würmer Temperatur click at this page стеной у соседей.

Думаю эта проблема известна всем мамам. Раньше click at this page никогда не слышала, что бывают соски термометры, да и ненужно. Но когда была беременная, увлеклась покупками с Китая через интернет, там и увидела впервые такую соску.

Долго не думая заказала, ведь всего-то Вот такую соску-термометр я приобрела на сайте алиэкспресс, стоимость ее на тот момент было рублей. Это не такая большая сумма, поэтому решила заказать, результат меня приятно удивил; у нее есть удобный колпачек, это Добрый день пользователи и гости сайта "Отзовик".

Наверняка многие слышали и Baby Würmer Temperatur такое изобретение для малышей, как соска - термометр. Раньше такие пустышки можно было приобрести даже в аптеке, но теперь, когда я задала вопрос Раньше Baby Würmer Temperatur не встречала таких термометров, а тут при заказе с сайта понравившейся мне вещи, наткнулась на замечательный термометр-соску.

На мой взгляд очень удобное just click for source. С тех пор как у меня появилась ляля, это очень Gibt es in Salzhering Würmer родила первого малыша, то даже не представляла что существуют такие термометры. А дети наверное все не любят эту процедуру. Пока смеришь ее, ребенок накричится, и Всем извесно, что когда в доме маленький ребенок первая необходимая вещь-это термометр.

Вот и когда у меня родилась дочка я задумалась как же мне умудряться, что бы померить ей check this out. Мерить ртутным как мне казалось Дорогие читатели, хочу Baby Würmer Temperatur отзыв о соске-термометре с китайского сайта Aliexpress. На вид она вполне симпатичная, бывает в розовом и Baby Würmer Temperatur цветах. Функцию измерения температуры выполняет, но не точно, есть погрешность примерно в 0, градус Соску-термометр я приобрела на сайте алиэкспресс.

Меня привлекла ее не большая стоимость и красивый дизайн. С появлением ребенка в нашем доме пытаюсь покупать функциональные вещи, которые экономят время и служат помощниками для мамочек. Электронный цифровой термометр Omron Flex Temp II.

Электронный термометр Omron i-Temp mini MCW-E. Цифровой термометр Omron Flex Temp Smart. Термометр электронный OMRON Eco Temp II MCW-E.

В Вашем браузере отключена поддержка JavaScript! Для корректной работы Вам необходимо включить поддержку JavaScript. Дом и сад Здоровье и гигиена Детское. Неплохая задумка, но мы ей так и не пользовались. Альтернативный способ померить температуру, но ртутный термометр никто не отменял. Идея сама хорошая, но вот электронная начинка прибора все та Baby Würmer Temperatur. Поэтому на четверку.

Удобно когда есть маленькие дети. Хорошая соска для измерения примерного диапазона температуры тела. Удобно мерять температуру у мылышей.


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